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perdurabo June 09, 2005 15:37

WTT/WTS: Seecamp 1911 45ACP DA Conversion
This is a rare custom Seecamp double action converted 1911 in 45ACP. I bought it used in excellent condition and its stayed that way. The conversion and customizations were done by Ludwig Seecamp himself. I have documentation which verifies this fact. I have only fired maybe 200 rounds through it. Unfortuntaely I need to part with this to fund another project I am working on.

-Unique Seecamp Double Action conversion (first shot DA, rest SA)
-LWS cartouche marked stainless steel frame
-Colt Mk IV Gov't Model Series 70 slide
-Stainless Bar-Sto 45 ACP barrel
-Full length guide rod
-Flared mag well
-Hogue rubber grips
-Adjustable sights
-Rubber checkered palm rest/mainspring housing
-Extended slide release and thumb safety
-Comes with one 7 round mag.

Price: $950 shipped to your FFL. Private transfer possible in the Central Texas area.

Will do partial/whole trade on:
-Springfield XD-45 (45 ACP) 5" tactical
-Fullsize HK USP 45 ACP V1 (safety&decocker)
-Professional gunsmith AK build services
-Mannlicher Steyr Scout in .308 (black, not Cooper/grey)
-ARMS #4 Para FAL topcover mount

Please direct all inquiries via regular email to DO NOT use board features like private messages to inquire about this.

This pistol is quite a work of art and I will be sad to see it go:

perdurabo June 17, 2005 09:26


perdurabo June 28, 2005 10:38


perdurabo July 06, 2005 23:33

Here we go again...

perdurabo July 15, 2005 12:44


perdurabo July 27, 2005 16:17


perdurabo August 26, 2005 14:44

I aint goin any lower, folks. I'm just gonna keep bouncing it here until someone buys it at my asking price or trades me something for it.

perdurabo December 13, 2005 15:25

Hows about another bump for old time's sake.

BUFF December 13, 2005 22:02

You know, pur, everytime this thing comes up I chuckle and am amazed that no one has bought it yet. It is a beautiful pistol, a historic work, and very fairly priced.

The late Ludwig Seecamp was a legendary gunsmith/gunmaker, and produced the world's first double action .45 ACP pistol. I have one of his firm's .32's in my pocket as I sit. I ought to buy it, being the 1911/.45 ACP fan I am.

I curse my general middle-class earnings status.

perdurabo January 05, 2006 13:57

BTT again!

perdurabo January 24, 2006 14:46

Back on up for another go-round!

perdurabo February 13, 2006 16:09

Another bounce, what the hell

LtRiker February 13, 2006 21:24

I bought a NEARLY identical(diff grips and has tritium sights) pistol two weeks ago at teh Wichita Falls gun show...actually, I guess I stole it as the fellow walked by my table and aske dif I was interested in buying a 1911 and when he handed it to me, I recognized it as a Seecamp conversion...I asked what he wanted, he said $650, I offered $600 and he took it...I sold this piece in Ft Worth two days ago for $ is business.

I bought 20 of these frames from Gun Parts company back in the late 90's and built them into complete guns using parts from where ever i could get them...they are difficult to find those that were completed by Seecamp as most folks never let them go...

Even at $950, it is still a good deal, yours looks very of luck and a free bump.

perdurabo February 21, 2006 10:37

Now up on Gunbroker (again), this time No Reserve:

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