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Bawana jim December 27, 2017 18:45

These three women
We're sitting in the sauna when a little buzz came from one of their arms. She touched it and said "how marvelous this new implant is, it's my pager."

Not long after a chime rings and the second woman says " it's my phone I had implanted in my hand, please excuse me for a moment".

Third woman felt really bad and left the room only to return with toilet paper hanging out her butt. "Oh my, I think I am getting a fax"


PA she said, get out there and fix the outhouse.

MA he said, it ain't broken

PA she said get out there and stick your head in it and you will see its broken.

So he stuck his head down in there and as he pulled it out his beard got caught in the crack of the wood seat and he yelled oooowww.

MA said, hurts don't it.

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