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Airacuda November 16, 2011 20:57

SA58 Break in Today
Took my new SA58TAC out today and did the suggested break in procedure DSA has for the 1st 20 rounds. My 1st 2 shots at 25 yards were touching....I was getting exited because I was kneeling,iron sights no bench or support,then the third round spread a bit.Shoots a bit low, so I neet to get a sight adj tool. I should have tried at 3 or 400 on the rear sight adj but didn't think of it till later. Cycles even at #7 setting and has a bit more recoil than my Imbel. Knocked my cheek pretty good a few shots. I guess I'm used to the humpback stock and this one is straight(I get in really tight).
I hit 3 Half gallon water jugs at 25yds and 1 at 50,standing no misses,thats all I had. Then I put 10 fairly quick into the black of the target standing at 35yds,so it's Battle accurate for me.
Then I took the scope and mt from the Imbel and slid it on and it shot a few inches higher than Iron sights and about an inch above the red circle.
Very pleased with it out of the box. No issues at all. Lubed it and ran a cloth down the barrel before shooting was all I did 1st.

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