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splattermatic February 13, 2018 23:35

Everybody loves a sharp dressed man !
A red selector will complete it.

Andy the Aussie February 14, 2018 02:14

We know what happened when Dynomike painted a firearm purple mate...... :facepalm:

fly2.0 February 14, 2018 11:05

ZZ Top :eek:

How do you like the extended mag release ?

splattermatic February 14, 2018 21:37

Ya don't have to search for a little button !
Black and red rock, Andy !

I've got several powders suitable for the Grendel, and I have 120 gr ballistic tips, and 123 gr sst's.
I'm really hoping I can find the correct combo, for speed and accuracy.

I want to drag it on a coues deer hunt this year.

brunop February 14, 2018 22:35

Nice stick, Splat. Looks like it'll shoot.

HighRatMaster February 15, 2018 00:43

She's a sexy one ain't she splat?

123gr SST results:

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