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338GT April 01, 2003 00:07

GRSC Weapon slings.
Been dealing with GRSC for almost a year now.

The owner and designer is a genuine good guy.

Thanks to the needs of my troopies where I work,we are a bit different.

Ed verdugo went out of his way to custom modify an existing design just for our needs.

His big hang up is that he is a FAL FREAK,and all of his slings are first proven on the FAL.

I just got off the phone with him concerning a Left handed "Snap sling" for the FAL carbine,and he pointed me in a better direction for my needs.

He also has been working with DSA,and sells a mount that accomodates the ACOG to the FAL,and still allows practical use of the issue Iron sights.

Customer service has been over and above first rate,and product quality is even better.

For the AR fans,call and ask about the "SWAT sling".
It fits inbetween the patrol sling and single point sling in utility.
They are not on the web site so you will have to ask.

Transition from strong to weak side carry,are effortless and without the need to slap a release of any sort.

His "Snap sling" is much copied,but his is the original and still the highest quality.

And No....I have no connection to GRSC other than Ed Verdugo and GRSC has gone out of their way to support me and my guys, when others have simply been "take it or leave it" or their products have failed in the field.

Good luck to all of ya!


gunplumber April 01, 2003 12:33

I second that - I've known Ed for about 12 years now and he's a great guy.

You will notice some striking similarities (direct copy) between the earlier sling he submitted to "gunwriter" Giles Stock (Fired from Phoenix PD) for review and evaluation and the sling Giles sells through the Wilderness shop as his own design.

The newer style is brilliant, with the snap on the sling instead of the rifle, any rifle can utilize the three-point style.

keiser April 01, 2003 13:43

They have a web site?

postban April 01, 2003 18:22

I have a CQB Sling, SNAPSLING and a VTAC setup from them. Ed is a super guy. Great products and service.

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