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flejl April 10, 2017 09:18

Tristar/Canick C100 - Need Help Finding a Laser Grip
I recently purchased a Tristar C100 which is a close copy of the CZ75 compact in 9mm for my wife.

She has wanted a CZ75 compact for a long time, but they are not easy to find around here and the prices have really gone up over the years. All of the reviews for the C100 I have read are great and we found them on sale @wholesale for a little less than $340 so we bought 2, one for her and one as a first handgun for our 26 year old son.

With that said, my wife's vision has taken a beating in the past 1-2 years and she now struggles a bit to get a good "site picture." She still is able to hit "minute of bad guy" and is not unsafe with her ability to see while operating a handgun, but the site picture is a bit blurred.

I was planning to buy a laser grip from Crimson for her, but the CZ75B and CZ75 compact seem to have been discontinued.

Any help would be appreciated.


slavicshooter April 11, 2017 21:32

From an answer on CZ website
The rest of the differences are mostly cosmetic. And, as mentioned, based on the CZ75 Compact, aftermarket parts are easier to find. The T-100 has no rail, and I haven't seen many light or sight options for my T-100. If you want to spend the coin, the Crimson Trace lasergrip for CZ compact pops right on (I have read that it takes a very slight trim with a dremel, but no details)

flejl April 12, 2017 17:20


Thank for the information. I have been looking around and found Crimson trace discontinued their product for the CZ75 standard and compact model, that was disappointing.

How do you like your T100?

slavicshooter April 13, 2017 19:54

That was a copy/paste by me off the CZ site. I don't own a T100. Just trying to help a brother out. There are other options for you, but they may not be as stable as a laser that is fitted for a particular pistol. Keep searching, something is out there. This sight might be an option:

Good luck.~ss

flejl April 17, 2017 07:50


I appreciate the help.

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