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Blue Monster January 09, 2017 11:02

Blue Monster Labs has reopened, for the summer!
Folks I am no longer taking orders.
I have two paid orders to finish and will not be taking anymore.

The fact that I have two orders both near done on my bench and haven't been able to finish them is why I'm shutting down.

Due to family illnesses I'm just too busy to do much other than sleep and work two jobs. And that sleep thing only comes in tiny bites.

GPC and Phil's are on my bench and near done, I should have them done very soon, unless someone puts yet another road block in my way.
And Bill, I will find that blank for you (PM's are forthcoming to all)!

My wife's illness continues and I now have some issues that need attention.

Will I re-open?
Doubtful, other than to cut something for an old friend.
I've been doing this work for also 20 years, and between a bad ticker and bad eyes, it just don't excite me enough to continue to do custom work for reasonable prices.:p (That, and I'm going blind:cool:)
Maybe in a few years when I retire and I've trained a replacement cat herder, get the eyes burned... who knows.

So: Yes, BML is closed, I killed my site and to repeat: I am no longer taking orders, Blue Monster Labs has closed.

Thoroughly enjoyed pretty much all of my dealings here, the posts, conversations, information, Pals I have made and the general awesome exchange of knowledge.

Richard Collins
General Manager Fantasy's

W.E.G. January 09, 2017 11:09

Godspeed our good friend.

kotengu January 09, 2017 11:10

I'm so sorry sir, but glad that you are taking steps to take care of yourself.

The saddest part is that you're going blind but work with so many pretty girls every day! :D

Be well, whatever you decide to be.

Blue Monster January 09, 2017 11:56

No worries Kot, I can use "Braille" if necessary.

Pluribus January 09, 2017 12:09

It's certainly regrettable to learn of your misfortune of time. I'll ask Divine Providence to guide you as well as your kith and, kin in finding the comfort and needs of the Ages fulfilled.

May the Blessings be so and, Goodwill.

kotengu January 09, 2017 12:42


Originally Posted by Blue Monster (Post 4352837)
No worries Kot, I can use "Braille" if necessary.

:uhoh: :rofl:

brunop January 09, 2017 12:54

God Speed.

Prayers offered for your wife and family.

meltblown January 09, 2017 12:55


MAINER January 09, 2017 14:16

Damn, this is sad.

I can well relate to the vision problems, as I find I can't do fine work anymore. If I ever could, that is. :D

I will be going for eye surgery in March, else I won't have a license to drive myself to the grocery for beans and biscuits.

Hope your family's illness's are cared for and recovered from.

Thanks for all the beautiful stock work you have turned out, even if I didn't get to own one. :sad:

SteelGreyML January 09, 2017 15:28

Bummer. I hope things start improving especially with regards to health. My best wishes.

308/223shooter January 09, 2017 15:34

Family comes first.
Prayers spoken for health and healing.

J. Armstrong January 09, 2017 15:55

We are losing a good friend and great craftsman ! Sincerest prayers and wishes that the family health issues resolve and that you will visit us here now and again.

And a huge thank you for all the gorgeous FALwoodies that you caused over the years :D:bow:

Bama Steve January 09, 2017 17:03

Take care and best of luck, Blue.
Send our best to yours.

kotengu January 09, 2017 17:20


Originally Posted by MAINER (Post 4352910)
Thanks for all the beautiful stock work you have turned out, even if I didn't get to own one. :sad:

This is what I should have said instead of making boob jokes. Or maybe in addition to making boob jokes.

You contributed in a significant way to a market and a hobby with an awesome attention to detail and display of skill for many years. Your creations will live on, and people will proudly say "this is a BLUE MONSTER stock" for generations when they show of your wares. Thank you for all of your hard work and efforts over the years. Be proud of that, and also OK with the fact that you have most definitely earned the right to rest for a bit and focus on other things.

Be well, friend.

G3isMe January 09, 2017 18:11

Best wishes BM! You have set the Gold Standard for aftermarket stocks which all others are, and will continue to be, compared against! My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.


hkshooter January 09, 2017 18:44

Family first, take care of you and yours. Find some time for yourself and try to enjoy the time you have left here on the planet.
And thanks for all you've done for me and all of us.:cheers:

tac-40 January 09, 2017 22:25

I can only repeat the above posted prayers and praises for you and your family. I do hope that you stay with the Files and continue to communicate with us on a regular, if not frequent basis. Godspeed and get well.

Placed this as a sticky so it stays on top. Not locked for comments so post away.

lostmybearing January 09, 2017 23:07

Yes , please stick around! Best regards to you and your family. Godspeed.

raexcct2 January 15, 2017 05:24


Sorry to hear about you and your Mrs.'s health problems. I hope your health gets better and I understand about the eye problems. Diabetes has jacked up my vision. I was looking to get another type A stock from you for a Brit X8E5 clone; guess I shouldn't have put it off. Best of luck to you.:sad:

Texgunner January 15, 2017 09:00

I'm sorry to hear of your misfortune too Rich. I hope the best for you and your wife. Thanks for the beautiful G1 stock brother, and all the other works of art you've produced.

mp January 15, 2017 18:45

Prayers to you and the family. Mad I put off ordering my T48 hybrid pistol grip we talked about.

jhend170 January 15, 2017 23:26

Glad I got to do just a little bit of biz with you Rich. You are a class act and your family will be in my prayers so that you can get back to doing your fine work. God bless you and the family.

ftierson January 16, 2017 00:36

I also send my best wishes.

Hang in there...


Sagerider January 16, 2017 01:23

I am privileged to have some of your work. Carry on smartly my friend. :bow:

Sudden Death January 17, 2017 09:57


Saddened by this news.

Hang in there brother and no rush on my project, as health and family come first. Please don't stray far from the Files, as it can provide some sense of sanity from time to time.

Prayers and hopes that all turns out okay.


jeffrey June 27, 2017 19:55

Time passes mercilessly. It looks like you are able to roll with it with grace and class, and a strong sense of setting priorities.

Be proud of the top tier 922r compliant FAL furniture you've created.

Fleabus July 01, 2017 15:46

to the artisz
hey rich
i always enjoyed our talks by phone over the years
not counting all the terrific wood crafted for me
i aways wanted them a bit longer or thicker and rich always came thru in spades
i hope your family situation improves and you can
reach some peace of mind
from the ole georgia country boy
always my best to you and the family..

Blue Monster June 26, 2018 13:13

Been very busy for the last couple years, but I've decided to take some time off this summer and maybe cut a little wood....
Eyeballs are improved and I am uber fit and ready to take some work.
If anyone has tried to contact me, have questions or would like some work done, let me know.


tdb59 June 26, 2018 13:14

Good to have you back, pal.



tac-40 June 26, 2018 21:43

Damn glad to have you back and improved health.

davesrb June 29, 2018 10:01

Awesome to see you back Rich! Glad to hear your health is better and you are ready to turn out more wood art!:fal:


eagle54 June 29, 2018 10:28

Glad to see you Back !!!! I sent you an email ..

genethepoolcleaner July 01, 2018 14:31

Out FN Standing. Welcome back rich.:beer:

randy762ak July 02, 2018 17:14

Before you go back into retirement ,,,A Really Cool thing to do for us would be to Make a Video Tutorial On How to make wood for ourselves -- Someone like me for example -I have the Skills But Lack the ""How Too"" to do it my self..

In fact Im retired and SS Dont cover the Bills ,,If I even had the chance to sell a few Sets a Year That Might Tip the Bills in My Favor ,,

Anyway Your an artist and a craftsman --wonderful work !!! :bow:

Sudden Death July 04, 2018 17:14

Welcome back Rich, glad that you are well. Hope that the family is doing well too.

I don't frequent the forum much anymore, not the same place it use to be and sold all my FAL parts/kits to a guy in my neighborhood.

Kept a couple rifles and those wear your handmade creations.

Enjoy our Independence Celebration and stay healthy!


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