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doubletap December 11, 2012 23:10

Which compact CZ?
I'm getting ready to buy a compact CZ 9mm, looking at 2 models, the 75 Compact or the 2075 Rami. I've not had the chance to handle the two side by side, anybody have an opinion on the ergonomics?
Secondly, since I have mega quantities of mags for my other 9mm CZ's which are all pre-B's, do either of these models have the capabilities of using a full size 75 mag? Do they both use the same mag or does the Rami take a different one from the Compact, curious since they both take 14 rounds.
Any other issues differentiating one from the other? This will be my cold weather carry gun, replacing my old Commander 38 Super.


armoredman December 12, 2012 13:35

Pre B mags? Really don't know, but the magazines that fit the Compact will fit the RAMI, that I know for a fact. I would THINK that they would, but without direct experience, I won't commit to it. Call 1-800-955-4486 and ask the gunsmith.
The RAMI and the Compact are actually two different designs, as the RAMI comes from the ill fated CZ 40B, the child of the abandoned Colt Z-40 pistol. The Z-40 was designed by CZ for Colt, and 1,800 of them were made, with the sweetest DAO trigger you ever saw. Being this was during the AWB, 10 round magazines were all that could be found, and for the pistols size, such small magazines doomed it. Colt broke off the engagement, and the Z-40 designed was redesigned with a traditional trigger system, and re sold as the CZ 40B. This, while an excellent pistol, suffered from the same perceived setbacks, and when the stockpile of parts were used up, the 40B vanished into thin air. At the same time, two Czech designers looked at the 40B and envisioned a new compact pistol made from it, which became the RAMI. This is why the RAMI has distinctly Colt style grips and 1911 suggested lines, inherited from the Colt Z-40. The grip is slightly fatter, but someone who likes Colt 1911s might find the grip somewhat familiar.
The CZ-75 Compact is a the straight descendant of the famous CZ-75, being just a chopped version thereof, steel framed with standard safety. I had one, wish I still had it, incredible pistol. It's heavier than its alloy framed counterparts, the CZ-75 PCR and CZ-75 P-01, both being decocker equipped DA/SA handguns, the P-01 with the M-3 rail and the PCR with Novak style sights and loaded chamber indicator.
If I was to pick ONE CZ pistol for CCW, I would grab a PCR without hesitation, but I like decockers, not traditional safeties. If I wanted a safety model, I'd go with the Compact, even thought the steel frame weighs a few more ounces - heck, I weigh a lot more ounces than I want to, as well! :)
Also, already deployed in Europe, and waiting to come into the US in the future is the CZ P-02...the P-01 with a switchable safety system from standard safety to decocker, ala the P-07.:cool:
I hope that helps.:biggrin:

MAINER December 12, 2012 14:29

Not much to add to "armoredman's" info except to agree with him. I bought a CZ 75 D Compact a couple years ago. I assume it's a PCR, it's not marked as such. PCR = Police Czech Republic? It is a de-cocker, I like the feature after getting used to it.
It has an alloy frame, but still, it is a hefty piece. It takes 14 rd mags, others have told me the 16 rd P 01 mags work fine and they use them for back-ups.

Can't speak for the ergonimics of the RAMI, but the 75 Compact fits my hand like it was custom made for it. The soft rubber grips are great. I won't be replacing them for my customary wood on this shooter.

It's a keeper.

Pluskat December 12, 2012 15:10


I've got two P-01's and a Kadet .22lr conversion slide/mags. To date, I've been able to AFFORDABLY put somewhere in the neighborhood of 10-13 thousand rounds through the P-01 platform and get the level of intimate familiarity/competency with the pistol that I'd never be able to afford with 9mm ammo. I've got a long way to go and it's a diminishing skill, but at least I know I can cover the ammo cost.

The P-01 is my daily concealed carry, and my bump-in-the-night pistol with a TLR-1 mounted up. I had BladeTech make me a custom holster for the pistol/light combo...

...and I purchased a bunch of MecGar mags.

Is it perfect?'s just never failed to run and no one I know can show me why another pistol would suit my needs better.

spider991 December 12, 2012 23:06

I been drewling over a P0-1 for a couple years now......ifn i was buying that be the one.

armoredman December 13, 2012 02:31

I was just told by a member on my board that he can use the Pre B mags in his CZ-75 Compact, but he has no RAMI to try them with. Hope that helps.

riffraff2 December 13, 2012 06:25

DO NOT GET THE RAMI. I had one. The CZ-75 PO1 is good. The CZ-75 PCR is good. Either of these two pistols is very, very good. The ergonomics of the RAMI ain't neer as good.

Before you get the CZ's though, check out the Sig P239SAS.

If you don't like the Sig, either the PO1 or PCR is very very good. I prefer the Sig cause it is single stack mag and carries better(for me).

doubletap, you have exqusit tastes in pistols, just don't get the RAMI. Looks good on paper, not so good in the hand.

Randall December 13, 2012 13:49

As far as ergonomics go, if you like the feel of the CZ75 you'll probably like the CZ75 compact. If you like the way the CZ40B feels, you'll probably lean toward the RAMI.

Personally, I'd love to have an alloy RAMI in 40S&W for concealed carry, as my CZ40B's controls fit my hand perfectly. The problem I found when I went to buy a RAMI was that at some point CZ changed the rear sight from a Novak type sight to an adjustable target sight (with all kinds of sharp edges to catch on clothing). For the life of me, I can't figure out why they did that. It seems counter intuitive for a ccw pistol.

I could be wrong, but I thought I read somewhere that CZ stopped making RAMI's in 2011.

armoredman December 13, 2012 17:36

The RAMI is still in production with three variants, the RAMI in 9mm and 40SW with standard safety, and the newer RAMI BD decocking model in 9mm. My wife has the first RAMI to wander across the Mississippi, and loves it.

JeffJ December 13, 2012 23:18

I got my son a P01 and that gun is nice..and accurate.

doubletap December 16, 2012 18:25

Great, great info here guys. A big thanks to all. The biggest hurdle I'm facing is I live in a CZ free area of the world. I've never been able to find a Compact or Rami to put my hands on. The PO1 is something I had not even considered, so there is a new variable there. I've had my Pre-B's for nearly 20 years now, every once in awhile I'll stumble across another sitting forlorn and used in a shop or show and pick it up to go with the rest of the crew. I like 'em because the manual of arms is essentially the same as the 1911's I've used for 40 years, so no new stuff to try and figure out during times of stress or fast drills. I'm not a decocker fan, tried them, just ended up decocking between shots, hence I don't use Sigs.
Guess I'm gonna have to make a phone call and get THE word on magazine interchangeability, then try and find a shop withing a couple hundred miles with a PO1 and a Compact in stock. I've heard about the Rami-P failures, with the polymer frame problems so that wasn't part of the equation, but the alloy Rami was, maybe not so much now.
Amoredman, your knowledge and info was much appreciated!! Learning new things about CZ's is always a treat.

Thanks to all for your great knowledge.


Brian in MN December 19, 2012 17:37

I have had a P-01 for years. I recently traded it for the same gun with factory night sights. I found that my old magazines, both for the P-01 and full size -75, did not engage the hold open on the new gun. I was able to return to the shop and swap hold open levers and all is fine. The new hold open worked fine with the two mags that came with the new gun?????? I have no idea if they changed something or the part was simply out of spec with any but the two mags that came with the gun.

I use pre and B full size mags as back up and they fit and function fine- with my old hold open lever. I also have both a pre and a B. I have been able to mix mags without a problem between the new and old full sized guns but others have reported problems.

geno929 December 23, 2012 20:55

PO1 is the correct choice!
Having owned many of the Chech babies, and still have a few in the vault. The PO1 is one of the finest pistols ever made. A naturally pointing pistol with great ergonomics and accuracy. I carry the PO1 conceled and a full sized 75BD for holster carry. Mags will interchange if you don't mind a cm or two hanging below the bottom of the grip. Good Luck! :shades:

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