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open ear shooter January 01, 2018 18:12

Norinco NHM 90 .223 which Pro Mag works best ?
anyone got the scoop on which aftermarket mag's work best for a .223 Norinco NHM being told promag AK74 .223 ?

rgds lee

pre1989 January 02, 2018 18:36

None of them work all that well

( I have used a 84S so pre ban model of what you have )

Pro mag does make a Polytech 223 AK mag that might work ( note Poly and Norinco mags are not that same ) mine kinda of work not really

The only other aftermarket mags that might work are some of the bulgy plascit circl10 223 mags which for the non smoke ones are not cheep

I would try them first they run around 30-60 bucks each some times they do just snap in and work others times only the first models do latter dont or filling is needed and so forth ..Also the Beryl 223 mags might also work again they come and go and pricy as well

Really me I would stock the Ak files market board they do pop up with org miltray mags for the 84 from40-60 ..I have seen 30 rounders for around 65 each which imop is ok pricing

Why the 223 AK are cheep mags esp China com are pricy

aussiedave January 03, 2018 05:41

have you tried a metal Galil mag, it was the only mag my Chinese 223 ak would reliably feed from. my .2c worth.

Abominog January 03, 2018 07:11

IIRC I have four of those mags at the shop, sold the 84S but have the mags. What do they go for these days?

Kingtubby January 03, 2018 09:38

Lots. As a lot you could probably get $250 or more. I sold the 84s I had because mags were just untenable. Almost as bad as the valmet. ��

TnHawk-45 January 03, 2018 14:33


Originally Posted by Abominog (Post 4521584)
IIRC I have four of those mags at the shop, sold the 84S but have the mags. What do they go for these days?

Depends on the capacity of the mag. You got the 5, 15, 30, or 40 round ones?

I have seen anywhere between $20-85 for any besides the 40 round ones. The 40 rounder $100+

For the Norinco model rifles, I have used East German bakelight with the insides of the feeding lips modified and a Robinson follower inside. I have also used Bulgarian Waffle .223 ones. Had to use a horseshoe rasp to get enough plastic off the outside for them to fit the mag well. Just took a couple of hits with it to do it.

For the Polytech rifles the 30 rounders for $90+ and the drums go for $300+. The last one I saw sell went for $400. I have 'heard' the Galil mags fits these, but I do not know for sure as I never had a Polytech.

Marknct January 06, 2018 16:34

Early A5 ok
The early Promag AK-A5 worked pretty well, I didn't have a problem. Then in a genius move they changed the mag but not the p/n. The good ones have a full radius on the top of each feed lip. The later ones have that milled off flat for some reason. I think they worked sorta but you needed to make the slot in the back of the mag deeper so the bolt lug would clear. I haven't tried anything else other than the stock steel ones. I welded up some Norinco ones that had been cut for a Poly and they worked ok again in the 84. They were cheap so it was ridiculous but worth it.

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