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Story December 13, 2017 07:47

National Geographic's Polar Bear Propaganda
I remember when National Geographic was a Gold Standard of writing.

1)Starving Polar Bear Photographer Explains Why She Couldn’t Help


Cristina Mittermeier describes the helplessness she felt while photographing the polar bear and implores readers to take climate change seriously.

Remember, dear readers - it's feelings not facts that matter.
I am trying not to be hurt or saddened by the many negative comments generated by this story, and instead, I am focusing on the thousands of positive reactions we have been receiving. The answers to climate change are available and many can be found in the small and large choices we all make every day.

2) Now let's hear what someone who actually knows about Polar Bears thinks of the situation.

Viral video of emaciated polar bear may not be what it seems, Nunavut bear monitor says

When Leo Ikakhik saw this weekend's viral video of an emaciated polar bear rummaging through the garbage in search of food, he wasn't shocked.
"I wasn't totally surprised. These things happen," the Nunavut polar bear monitor told As It Happens host Carol Off. "Mother Nature is going to do part of that. You know, it's just part of the cycle."
Ikakhik has been monitoring polar bear activity in and around Arviat, a small community on the western shore of Hudson Bay, since 2010, working with organizations like the World Wildlife Fund Canada to keep the creatures away from human populations and reduce polar bear deaths.

"Everybody probably was shocked to see a really skinny bear, but this is not my first time seeing something like this."


But Ikakhik isn't convinced.
Instead, he suspects the creature was likely sick or recovering from an old injury that left it unable to hunt.
He said he sees healthy and well-fed polar bears in the Arctic all the time, but some are simply unlucky.

TenTea December 13, 2017 08:40

aussiedave December 13, 2017 09:57

i remember a national geographic story from back in the 1980s how the earth was heading into a new ice age and that billions would starve to death as the crops failed due to summer not coming .. they rate the same as MAD magazine for facts..'

Herr Walther December 13, 2017 10:10

"I remember when National Geographic was a Gold Standard of writing..."

That was a long time ago.

The new generation of Snowflakes and bleeding hearts have taken over.

hagar December 13, 2017 10:16

Almost every farking nature show nowadays have some mention of "global warming". Must be mandatory else they lose funding of some sort.

gunseller December 13, 2017 12:15

Am I just bad? Every time I see something like this I look for ways to create more gobble warming. I know nothing I do will matter one way or another as man is insignificant compared to the earth and mother nature. God controls all.

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