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Snake Bitten July 11, 2018 17:24

Holster recommendation for Colt LW Officers Model
Need holster (belt and/or shoulder) for a Colt 1911 LW Officers for carry. The belt holster will be for concealed, shoulder for open carry. Thanks for all comments! SB

spider991 July 11, 2018 19:03

Stoner holsters makes nice leather, taking my colt soon as it gets back from wilson....kydex, patriot concealment does nice job

hueyville July 12, 2018 14:27

Galco Miami Vice (original) top, Bianchi 105 lower left , Bianchi 3s lower right.

The Bianchi 105 has a rubber O ring with leather tab to hold hammer back if safety is disengaged and fails when cocked and locked but if need out in a hurry a good yank will snap the O ring with ease but I prefer a thumb break.

Galco Miami Vice with Randall Curtis E LeMay.

Bianchi 3s in the pants rig.

Safariland #5 thumb break.

Tha Galco Miami Vice and Safariland #5 will work with any length 1911 from super snubby to long slide of compensated race gun. The Bianchi #3s in the pants is comfortable, has tons of adjustments and works with any length up to 5". Have over two dozen high dollar 1911 rigs and for carry these are used more than all others combined except for IPSC or IDPA and use Safariland and Ghost with strong likelihood will be using all Ghost holsters for such work. Many of their IDPA holsters make stunning carry holsters but I like a leather thumb break holster that holds various length pistols and does it well. Started going through boxes of A, B, C and suck hind teat holsters to realize as looked them up half were no longer produced. The leather designs that have survived are usually good because holster market is so competitive that tooling up to make a leather holster that doesn't sell could hurt a company.

Bianchi Black Widow, Bianchi 7L, Bianchi 19, Galco Fletch (these first four in list are rocking carry rigs), Safariland F88, Tagua Jackslide, Galco SOB (these three are super sweet for proper task) are some that I like that believe can be found if not still in production. Plastic and Kydex holsters are for plastic and polymer pistols IMO. I do have Canik and IMI Level 1 retention holsters in plastic that work well with 1911's but have trained with a thumb break for 35 years and doesn't make a tenth of second difference on draw and often as noticed safety accidentally pushed into fire position on a cocked and locked 1911, especially if have medium to large size ambidextrous safety like the comfort of a leather strap between hammer and firing pin so don't put a 185 grain hollow point through my hip. I am a Ghost dealer but if buying just one or two holsters not a big savings, when I outfit a team or department then I can get some good volume pricing on Ghost equipment and love their magnetic magazine holders as well as their adjustible angle units for single stacks.

J. Armstrong July 12, 2018 15:16

Mitch Rosen, top shelf. I have several, tried others., always go back to Mitch. I have Rosen AWBs for both my 1911s and BHPs.I know there are other good ones out there, but I don't feel I need to look any further.

Snake Bitten July 12, 2018 17:19

Thanks for all replies! My mistake, I forgot to mention that Texas requires LTC holders to have a restraint (automatic or manual) type holster.

TXMoose July 12, 2018 19:29


Originally Posted by Snake Bitten (Post 4607341)
Thanks for all replies! My mistake, I forgot to mention that Texas requires LTC holders to have a restraint (automatic or manual) type holster.

No, reread the statue. ...don't depend on others advice

hueyville July 12, 2018 20:07

Unsure if SIG makes this in compact model but they do make compact 1911's so maybe. One of the modern paddle style plastic Level 1 retention holsters tried for 1911 pistols. Very fast to unlock as sweep with trigger finger and has removable spare mag pouch. If use mag pouch forces you to raise gun another two inches before can swing muzzle forward adding almost a full second to a clean draw.

Ghost Mag Pouches. Notice the fronts are relieved so bullet tips don't drag and have adjustible tension and angle.

Ghost IDPA and carry rig. Notice a three mag pouch tree and magnetic mag holder with "wings" behind it. Very slick and fastest IDPA rig have used to date.

Ghost IPSC magazine tree with pouches and magnets:

I am a holster whore. Have so many IPSC rigs where upgraded every other year for over a decade and now back at it. IDPA is helping developing a lot of really fast carry rigs as IDPA rules call for a secure holster that covers trigger. Has carbon fiber stiffener in belt and all kinds of bling. Will have to find my Ghost IPSC rig and snap some pictures. To give an idea of how much I like the Safariland 5s own five right hand and three left hand models for compact back ups. Can shove a 3", 6" long slide Lippard 1911A2 or compensated race guns and has the thumb break restraint that opens and clears almost as fast as a Jackslide.

Have two of the Galco Miami Vice shoulder rigs that also fit anything from 3" snubby to 6" long slide well and counterbalance with spare mags on weak side. Have one that is set up with left and right hand holsters so can carry a lefthand and righthand Randall 1911 at same time with mags on belt and rear pocket. A pair of Wilson eight round mags fit perfect in back pocket of Levis. Found pics of the Canik and IMI Level 1's but the SIG and the Ghost are so much better didn't waste the space as wanted to share the Ghost Mag Pouches that feed super fast reloads.

Have a lot of left hand holsters purchased in early 1980's when left hand leather was hard to find after began collecting lefthand Randall 1911's. Right and and left hand crossdraw, shoulder and a butterfly that carries a pair of 1911's in small of back inside the pants. Try to wear it and drive any distance or sit in hard back chair for long time a pair of 1911's in center of back sucked before I blew all my lumbar disks. No its untennable. When carry open always use a Level 1 or Level 3 retention holster and when carry concealed with sport coat will still use an open top Jackslide or Ghost IDPA rig.

Snake Bitten July 12, 2018 20:19


Originally Posted by TXMoose (Post 4607397)
No, reread the statue. ...don't depend on others advice

Thanks, you are correct regarding holster restraints.

hueyville July 13, 2018 15:15

Been a member of U.S. Lawshield which is an offshoot of Texas Lawshield for years. Just pulled up the site which has been best value in CCW liability insurance going but now instead of extra $20 to put wife on your policy it doubles to cover two people.

When renewed in January it was $120ish plus $20 additional to add wife. Now it's $131 per year or $240 for a couple. Will be shopping prices over next few months to see if can find good coverage closer to price am used to paying rather than double down on our annual fees. Even if have to pay the $240 if can't find another similar group that has better pricing which as remember there are several competing insurance companies for CCW/CWL coverage and will pay $20 per month if that's going rate now.

Unsure from glancing at site but looks like have 24 hour emergency number for questions and in past if in a crack the 800 number got an attorney at the jailhouse representing you at no cost if used your weapon legally. Going to have to go to the discussion group and see how rules have changed but like having insurance to cover legal representation by an experienced firearms lawyer when questioned after a shoot and if had to appear in court. Need an attorney at jailhouse to keep me from saying dumb things even if a good shoot.

Site does say if have to go to court they still cover your attorney at no charge so just need to see how much has changed while price has doubled. So much can happen from an A.D. to colatteral damage in a defensive shooting scenario always felt under $150 per year to cover myself and wife was simple decision. Looks like it's time to shop coverage before renewal comes up in 2019 but suggest all look around at different companies to find best coverage for your state. U.S. Lawshield doesn't cover a lot of states so many will have to find a service for your state if your state even has a company that covers it. Could only imagine how much such insurance would cost in California, New York, Massachusetts and a few others if companies are willing to insure CWL holders in more communist states.

Beard111 July 16, 2018 01:17

Hi, try
they make custom leather holster

TenTea July 16, 2018 05:59

Milt Sparks

#55BN or #60TK

sniperdoc July 16, 2018 07:05

Milt Sparks Summer Special. When I was a LEO, I made a similar holater (different enough to avoid any patent infringements),;more than 100 LEOs are still wearing them over 15 years later! (off duty, undercover, etc)
Shoulder Holsters are O.K. (at best) for Hunting/Fishing, unless you plan to swim.
TOTALLY worthless in Combat (I tried it while in the Military)

catmguy445 July 16, 2018 13:39

Second on the Milt Sparks Summer Special. I've had one of those for years, and it's one of the best for carrying concealed. Light, comfortable, and durable.

hueyville July 17, 2018 09:09


Originally Posted by sniperdoc (Post 4608840)
(Trim) Shoulder Holsters are O.K. (at best) for Hunting/Fishing, unless you plan to swim. TOTALLY worthless in Combat (I tried it while in the Military)

Will not disagree with that. Only people seen really use shoulder holsters in combat were helicopter and slow mover airplane drivers. Back in the day when 4" 44 Magnums and 6" 357 Magnums ruled the day for defense a good shoulder rig was way to go if wanted full size wheel gun. A 4" medium frame 357 was about all my skinny @$$ could hide before switched to semi autos.

Only time I use a shoulder holster is when wearing a coat or sport jacket. For church security carry my SIG Double Nickle Compact 1911 in a Galco shoulder rig and then one of my old IPSC race guns that rebuilt into a custom carry with tritium sights in a Safariland #5 with two magazines on belt, two in shoulder rig and two in back pocket. If caught away from rifle lock and have active shooter with rifle in building it's going to be a tough situation with over 1,000 bystanders running for their lives. Many of the team rely on pocket 380's and compact 9mm's but one carries a SIG 220 in 10mm with red dot and cowitness sights and two others carry duty sized 40's.

If go up against some lunatic with a rifle hope the big compensated 1911 that was my primary IPSC major class pistol for several years will help thread a long shot through panicked crowd. It's been totally gone through and is perfect for its job. It's my belief is many carry too small of a pistol most of the time. Know people that think a plastic Ruger 380 in their pocket will get them through a gun fight. Assume since this is a 1911 carry thread folks may feel same as I do. Carry a man size gun for man size job. I do carry a double stack SIG in 40 when work but it is a fine tool with plenty of horsepower but prefer a full size 1911 with a 1911 compact backup.

grumpy1 July 23, 2018 00:27

I have a Galco Royal Guard which is pretty much the same as the Milt Sparks summer special. Ive tried the kydex or plastic holsters for IWB carry and they were way to uncomfortable for me. However, I really like leather for IWB it feels better against the body.

For a shoulder holster for open carry, Id look into what is being called an Alaska rig, where the pistol rides on your chest and not under your arm. Ive been looking at getting one to use while hunting. I have found that my rifle hits my pistol when I have my rifle slung on my shoulder. And shoulder holsters would force me to use only my right shoulder to carry my rifle.

fal762 July 23, 2018 20:09

Get a tanker holster, as mentioned above, for across the chest carry.

KoKodog July 24, 2018 17:37

my weapon of choice is a 1911 in .45acp so ..

over the decades I have learned that there is not one holster that does every job equally

some do one specific job better than all the other designs out there but suck at another job

today we are lucky enough to have many choices and manufactures and styles

I have a 18 gallon storage tub w/ various sizes, designs and manufactures

I have yet to see any shoulder holster setup that is better than the Jackass rig / Miami classic

for just walking around the property its hard to do better than a Yaqui slide . KISS design

any inside the pants/under the belt needs to be well crafted horsehide or at least have a good stiffener to allow re-holstering

high riding forward cant holsters have their place

a S.O.B. has its place (small of back)

spare/extra magazines have their own specific solutions

necessity is the mother of invention ..

the cocaine cowboys running roughshod over Miami gave birth to specialized rigs like this Firepower Rig from Andrews Leather that many in law enforcement grabbed to keep up


hydrotx July 24, 2018 18:02

Im also going to chime in for milt sparks as well. Own several of his holsters and they are my go to for leather.

hueyville July 26, 2018 07:05

$550 for the Andrews Firepower rig... Whew. What's worse is it went on my Christmas wish list for wife to choose from. Told her want it set up for 10mm SIG 220 Hunter or with red dot and Mossberg Shockwave, carry rifled 50 caliber sabot slugs and laser up the Shockwave. Since they build them one off, inclined to ask if they can tweak it to carry my 7.5" barrel AR 15 in 6.8 with the 2.5" Dead Foot Arms buffer as is shorter than the Shockwave by four inches without suppressor and only 28" with can and with a 30 round magazine in back pocket it would be more accurate than a shotgun plus easier to carry lots of spare ammo.

PASHOOTER July 27, 2018 15:51

Top quality and handmade. I use the Raider model, it's an Avenger style. One for my SA Champion lightweight and both government models.

KoKodog July 27, 2018 19:18

Huey, I had sent a few links to my cousin when he was looking for gunleather and I was searching for as many options for him as I could find, this rig from Andrews, their Urban Safari Rig he got excited, called them and asked if they could do it for a pair of Glock 23s and 2 mag pouches under each handgun, the rep thought he was nuts, said why on earth would he need that much ammo and 2 handguns, his reply to the rep was the same as I would have told him, just in case

in our world today you must think outside the box do to so many nutjobs


bykerhd July 28, 2018 09:24

A Kramer horsehide IWB holster (for my Glock 22) has proven comfortable, very durable and has excellent retention without any straps, locks, etc.

It also allows re-holstering without removing it from the belt.
Unlike the Bianchi #3 or some of the other IWB designs that collapse when the gun is drawn.

Near Sighted Sniper July 28, 2018 21:10

I like High Noon Holsters, I have 3 of their OWB slide guard holsters, 2 for CZ's & 1 for a SA XDS. Their great, & on sale for the rest of the month.

Heisser Mann July 30, 2018 11:22

Ive tried DeSantis and Galco and Bianchi but found these highlyt rated and--affordable
Bought one for my Glock 17 and the quality is very good:

very well molded to the pistol, no break in--button snaps tight right off the bat.

Harland August 01, 2018 22:30

I have a Ted Blocker holster I have used for years that I like.

idsubgun August 03, 2018 10:05

I've been using Milt Sparks holsters for decades, and have many, including one made by Milt himself. My dad was a buddy of Milt and I'm friends with a couple guys that work there. Their holsters are second to none so I really never looked around at other leather holsters.

I also use a Galco Classic shoulder holster on occasion but only during cold weather when I need a coat. Very comfortable shoulder holster.

I don't believe in open carry in public. Yes, I believe we have the right. But wearing open only shows people that you're armed, and if a bad guy wants to create havoc, he'll take out the guy with a weapon first. For that reason I feel open carry is a dumb idea. If something happens, I want to have the drop on the guy, not the other way around.

Lately I've been using a couple of Kydex style around the property because an IWB holster isn't comfortable when you're constantly getting off and on a tractor, or moving, bending, squatting, etc.
During summer months I'll wear fatigue shorts (cargo shorts) and carry a lightweight 1911 Commander in the front right pocket, and it stays concealed but easily accessed.

KoKodog August 09, 2018 17:07

just spotted this video today,

this gives you a good idea of the work involved in making good hand crafted gunleather

in case you were wondering why good gunleather costs so much

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>

hueyville August 12, 2018 00:48


Originally Posted by idsubgun (Post 4616244)
I also use a Galco Classic shoulder holster on occasion but only during cold weather when I need a coat. Very comfortable shoulder holster.

I don't believe in open carry in public. Yes, I believe we have the right. But wearing open only shows people that you're armed, and if a bad guy wants to create havoc, he'll take out the guy with a weapon first. For that reason I feel open carry is a dumb idea. If something happens, I want to have the drop on the guy, not the other way around.

I work outside on side of road in the Georgia hot sun. Wearing an extra layer to hide pistol sucks. Keep a long tail shirt in truck and when go in places like doctors offices (with A/C) put shirt over gun belt but anyone that knows the signs can tell. Have had several situations where the gun openly on my side with spare mags, etc kept bad situations from escalating to point gun may have had to be used. Twice in pharmacy and once in doctors office when drug seekers in withdrawal went loopy and stepped between staff and loony tune.

Open carry is very common around my town. Counted five people one evening carrying open in grocery store. Manager thanks people for packing as says employees are not allowed and makes him feel safer. I try to use discretion as to when it needs covering up but today working in black asphalt parking lot with body armor and a single shirt was hot enough. A second shirt covering gun would have made it suck more.

Since my wifes mobility issues got so bad she carries open about 20% of time like when driving and has to stop at roadside restrooms, etc. When hobbling on her cane or walker by herself having her Walther PK 380 on belt at almost instant access am sure makes someone that has propensity to take advantage of handicapped. If in her wheelchair I am pushing and keeps her gun in pouch under armrest and often put my primary in pouch on back of chair. We both try to think tactically all the time and pay attention.

If I am on isle 6 when something goes down at registers in grocery doubt the perp knows some guy on the froze pizza isle has a open carry pistol. Except for a few incidents with elderly with dementia or Alzheimers since began carrying open on regular basis have not had an issue and sure a few times people were sizing me up and changed plans when saw the SIG and three spare magazines on weak side. Doing remote terminals for Ma Bell in south side of Atlanta, New Orleans, back woods of Kentucky, etc having gun on belt with tools seems to disperse a lot of minority crowds as begin to gather round thinking a single white guy with truck load of tools is an easy mark without ever getting to point have to sweep it from hiding.

My doctors, pharmacist, grocery store manager and even had older women and quite a cross section of people go out of their way to say thank you for carrying a gun. When dressed nice always have a sport coat for nicer places where feel it's better to cover it up. Ling shirt in summer and always cover it in hospitals. Even carry open in all but one of our local court houses and court annex buildings. If the bad guy wants to come for me first it might save a couple of teen girls from being shot first. He also better be on A game and able to make head shot or have knowledge to go for my hips where I will get a chance to return fire. The 8"10" Dyneema plate over soft armor front and 5.5"10" soft panel over spine to bring rear armor up to full capability over vitals will hopefully reduce his round count before one of us dies.

For church have a really cool new set of 8"10" Level 3+ rifle plates that are less than 1" thick wear in conjunction with Level 2+ soft armor, shrapnel shorts (aka Pugs) with Level 2 trauma pads over both major arteries in thighs and shrapnel rated over groin. Am at the point not really worried if God puts my name on a bullet. If he wants to bring me home can be hiding in my house in the panic room covered with a bomb blanket so just don't worry. If die before turn 60 years and six months my dead carcass is worth an extra 1/2 million to wife. After that she only gets $125,000 from whole life policy.

Lifetime of rock climbing, ice climbing and mountaineering without ropes, backcountry skiing by myself, surfing with sharks and a whole lot of other stuff such as slack lining between two cliffs with 100 foot drop, surviving cancer twice, broken back twice and broken neck with fractured skull plus lots more am 100% sure God has the date set and will go then, not a minute before. When it happens going to all be fine as have my situation worked out already.

sniperdoc August 12, 2018 07:01

Milt Sparks' Summer Special

Artful August 14, 2018 19:35


Originally Posted by TXMoose (Post 4607397)
No, reread the statue. ...don't depend on others advice


Effective January 1, 2016 Texas Penal Code Chapter 46 will be amended. HB 910,
passed by the 84th Texas Legislature, will allow persons licensed to carry a
handgun, under Subchapter H, Chapter 411, Texas Government Code, to openly
carry a handgun in the same places that allow the licensed carrying of a concealed
handgun with some exceptions, provided the handgun is carried in a shoulder or
belt holster.
– Texas license holders can carry openly or concealed in any place not expressly
prohibited by law.
– License holders may be subject to criminal charges for carrying a handgun in
plain view unless carried in a shoulder or belt holster


•Commonly asked question:
–Are holsters required to have certain types of restraining
devices for openly carried handguns?
•Answer: No. Penal Code Chapter 46 requires
unconcealed handguns, loaded or unloaded, to be
carried in a shoulder or belt holster. The statute does
not specifically address restraining devices.
• When considering what type of holster a person wants to
use, licensees should ensure they have the right type of
holster for the make and model carried to ensure proper
• Licensees should carefully consider the type (level) of
restraint they desire to carry and ensure they become
proficient in drawing from the holster they select.

Beard111 August 15, 2018 02:36

Try Craft Holsters -
They make custom holsters, you can discuss adjustments with them easily and they offer a belt/shoulder combo.

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