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gates November 27, 2017 17:57

CZ P-10c first impressions and a problem
I have not fired this pistol yet.

I picked one up at the funstore yesterday and took it apart, there is a design flaw that is fairly glaring, at least on my pistol. When the mag is loaded to full capacity (15) the magazine is almost impossible to remove - I identified and fixed the problem but it shouldn't be on a production gun. When a loaded mag is inserted into the pistol the top round comes in contact with the ejector putting added downward pressure on the magazine, the mag release shoe has a strange geometry so that when you depress the mag release button it actually forces the mag up into the gun a 32nd of an inch or so adding to the tension. A fully loaded mag has so much tension that it is close to impossible to eject from the gun - Larry Vickers called it a show stopper in his review of the P10c but it can be fixed with a dremel tool if you are careful, you have to grind off the bottom area of the ejector where it is contacting the loaded rounds.

Now, I have no idea what the long term effects will be on the ejector this was definitely a WECSOG move but it worked. That said CZ has to fix this issue down the road and if you fuk it up you will need to buy a new block with a new ejector, I look forward to shooting this baby in the next few days.

Initial impressions - appears to have fixed almost everything I don't like about my Glock 19:-)

Wildcat November 27, 2017 18:30

Based on your description, I would first consider adjusting the magazine catch.

Pushing a mag catch should not result in camming the magazine body upward if it were properly designed.

Seems like a similar mechanism in the XD series (which required stoning and a spring adjustment to be satisfactory)

gates November 27, 2017 18:37

Yeah the mag release mech is a bad design, I had the whole thing apart and watched half a dozen videos but as far as I can tell I'm the first one to grind on the ejector, there is no fix for the mag release, start working on the angle of the intersecting part and you lose reliability on locking the mag in the gun:-) the ambi function is the reason - they came up with a jacked solution, it works but is sloppy

gates November 28, 2017 18:42

I shot it.

Kickass pistol - the low bore axis does indeed keep the gun on target for fast strings, its a VERY pleasant gun to shoot and accurate as balls.

Would I pick it over a g19? too early to tell but it looks promising

spider991 December 02, 2017 09:26

Sounds like another polymer so-so glock copy that ya have to grind on to use. Did you have to grind on your glock? probably not :).....I got excited when I read the title thinking cz finally made a 10mm....bummer

Thanks for a good honest review

gates December 03, 2017 00:25

they just need to modify the ejector a little bit, haven't shot it enough to decide if it's a g19 replacement yet but its a lot more ergonomic and points more naturally than a 19 - thats about all I can say at this point other than the CZ P09 I have is a totally awesome, full size, go to war pistol and I expect the 10 to be the same once they get a few of the bugs worked out it is brand new.

gates December 19, 2017 13:42

Took the customized P09 out last week, like it much better than the P 10-c, to bad it's so damned big.

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