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bfoosh006 November 12, 2017 16:40

PSA PA10 GenII lower with PA-65 , 6.5CM 20" rifle length gas upper review.
I am just sitting down to dinner.... but, just a brief preview of the better groups.... ( I will edit this post later, with considerably more info )

100yds, benched, scoped, bagged front, wedge bag rear.... 5rds each.... PSA factory 20" barrel, SLR adjustable gas block, Lantac Dragon .30cal brake.

Please bear in mind.... this is from an AR platform, yes.. IMHO, a bolt action would have most likely been more accurate....

BUT, from a $500 complete upper, I consider these groups to be outstanding

Nosler 140gr HPBT

Federal AE 140gr

Hornady 120gr ELD

SIG 140gr OTM

bfoosh006 November 12, 2017 16:40

Some of the details....

2 things I have to mention first.... The PA65 arrived missing the "slotted key" used to secure the free float tube to the barrel nut ... not a problem as I borrowed one from another PSA .308 upper.

Next, I didn't receive the "High pressure/ small diameter firing pin bolt" , instead it arrived with a .308 bolt and firing pin..... BUT !! I had NO issues using the .308 bolt and .308 firing pin....none , no pressure signs... nothing.

I contacted PSA concerning both issues and Fred is sending me all the correct parts !!! WHO says PSA CS can be troublesome !!! .... NOT me !
IMHO, PSA is correcting the issues as good as anyone could !!

Onward to the good stuff !

Details on the rifle as it is currently setup...

Upper.... PA65 OEM complete upper, 20", rifle length gas, SLR .750 clamp on gas block, Lantac .30cal muzzle brake, Vortex Viper PST 6-24x50
The .30cal brake seemed to work good enough... well enough that I won't bother to buy a 6.5 brake.

I mildly polished the feed ramps, and slightly polished the chamber with 0000 steelwool spun on a .30/06 chamber brush via a drill. NOTE: not a AR chamber brush...but one used for a .30/06 bolt action rifle.

Lower.... The same setup I used in my .308 PSA rifle as seen in the other thread.... PSA "Multi" marked lower, LaRue MBT trigger, Magpul 1.1 grip, KAK 9.3oz .308 rifle length buffer, and a Tubbs .308 Flatwire spring.

I will add... the lower has been polished at the full length inside of the buffer tube, magwell burnished, trigger face slightly polished.

I also use Varmint Lights " X-Shims" to minimize the play between the upper and lower. I am one of those guys that believes it makes the firing the rifle accurately "easier" and more consistent in my shooting stance at the bench.

I am happy to say, there was no interference from the barrel nut against the gas tube... the charging handle did not bind as a result.

Frankly.... the whole upper was a trouble free affair... after changing parts ( that I wanted ... SLR , muzzle brake ) it was a plug and play deal.

I fired it first with the SLR wide open... just to see how it was, It certainly recoiled less then the PSA .308 upper... but was certainly gassing more then needed.
I adjusted the SLR to 5 clicks from closed... and was GTG with all the ammo tested.
No hiccups, no sluggishness, and as mentioned before no signs of pressure issues.... the abrupt cyclic speed is now gone...

I tried the Magpul 20rd, and 10rd mags, the Lancer 20rd, the IMI 20rd, and the D&H 20rd and 10rd mags.... all performed as meant to.
oddly, my .308 doesn't "enjoy" the Lancer 20rd for some reason the BCG seems to drag with it.... no such issue with the 6.5 upper.... can tell the Lancer spring is strong, but in the 6.5 the Lancer never once was sluggish cycling.

Factory Ammo....

As you will see... the PSA 6.5CM barrel had its likes and dislikes accuracy wise... perfectly normal.
For the most part, and given its price point... I think the barrel performed very well.

Onto the accuracy photos....

I didn't fire a bunch of 5rd groups of each ammo, just 2ea 5rd groups...showing the best of the 2.... the reason being, I will retest later after I true up the receiver face and Loctite the barrel into the receiver.
I am hoping that will help with the overall consistency of the different ammos.... and help clean up the dreaded cold bore flyer, as well as some of the other fliers.

Did I mention how happy I am with this upper !!

bfoosh006 November 12, 2017 16:43

If I repeat some of the photos .... oops ahead of time. I think it would be easier then jumping back and forth between the posts.

First the more accurate groups.

Hornady Match 120gr ELD

Nosler Match Grade 140gr HPBT

Creedmoor Sports 142gr SMK HPBT

Federal AE 140gr OTM

bfoosh006 November 12, 2017 16:51

SIG Match Grade OTM 140gr

Federal "Non-Typical" 140gr SP.... ( I was hoping these would do better ....Flat base and all )

Hornady American Gunner 140gr BTHP ... NOTE 2 separate groups with two separate POA

Browning 129gr BRX

Hornady American Whitetail 129gr Interlock

bfoosh006 November 12, 2017 16:54

Hornady 120gr A-Max

FGMM 130gr Hybrid OTM

Hornady 140gr ELD Match

Norma Match 130gr HPBT..... very similar groups, box markings, case and bullet as the PRIME ammo

PRIME 130gr HPBT Match

bfoosh006 November 12, 2017 16:56

Hornady Superformance 129gr SST

Creedmoor Sports 140gr Nosler BTHP

Federal Fusion 140gr

bfoosh006 November 12, 2017 16:57

Photo of the PA65 as it is currently.... 42.5" long

And a fat pig.... but unbelievably soft shooting at the bench.


bfoosh006 November 14, 2017 11:10

Sorry if the photos didn't show for anyone ... I believe they are fixed now.

55bird November 15, 2017 21:50

Did similar with a dpms 24" barrel but decided on a bolt gun and converted to .308, anyone want a 6.5 CM barrel for $125 (300 rounds old) shipped? DPMS 24" heavy fluted 8.5 inch twist stainless

bfoosh006 November 30, 2017 19:42

Just an update... I have trued the receiver face and Loctited ( 609 ) the barrel in place.

I am hoping the Trued n' Glued barrel will produce more consistent groups, IE less fliers... we will see.

I am hoping to test it this weekend.

I will eventually install a Criterion 22" barrel and Midwest industries 18" FF tube... ( steel barrel nut v. the PSA Aluminum one. )

And post those results as well.

bfoosh006 December 09, 2017 19:12

Finally got to the range today for the Trued n' Glued testing.... If anyone isn't sure if it helps, I can say, either my shooting skills dramatically improved... or the Trued n' Glued worked.

I will do the Tn'G on all my AR platforms.... the results are so obvious, that most groups could be readily / easily be seen to be better.... without measuring at the range.

Improvements in the realm of 1MOA+ will be seen in the following downloaded photos.

I will note the measured improvements as well as the few "didn't change a thing" ones.

I am hoping to alter the original posts with a before ( OEM ) and after, True n' Glue photo.

Give me some time... but, again.. if you aren't sure if you want to do it.... I will argue that you should !! Lol

Also there will be some added ammo tested from the Tn'G barrel.

Wow .... I am still impressed with the results just thinking about it.

MAINER December 11, 2017 08:52


I do not need a 6.5 CM! Nope, I don't, no. Never. Not happening. :facepalm:

bfoosh006 December 13, 2017 21:24

Going to post the most dramatic ones first....NOTE : All measurements are from edge to edge... the diameter of the bullet WAS NOT subtracted.

I am going to post the before and after photos... so give me some time to complete this.

FGMM 130gr Hybrid OTM
Before Tn'G

After Tn'G

Difference in group size, FGMM 130gr Hybrid OTM..... Before 2.3660" 5rds, .... After .9580".


Hornady 140gr ELD Match
Before Tn'G

After Tn'G

Difference in group size, .Hornady 140gr ELD Match.... Before 2.2045" 5rds, .... After .9290".

Prime 130gr HPBT Match...
Before Tn'G

After Tn'G... yes that is 5 shots.

Difference in group size, PRIME 130gr HPBT Match.... Before 1.9165" 5rds, .... After .9620"...

Federal Fusion 140gr
Before Tn'G

After Tn'G

Difference in group size, Federal Fusion 140gr..... Before 2.1445"... After... 1.4355"

bfoosh006 December 13, 2017 21:30

Hornady American Gunner 140gr BTHP ... HUGE difference.
Before Tn'G... NOTE 2 separate groups with two separate POA

After Tn'G

Difference in group size, Hornady American Gunner 140gr BTHP.... 1.1950" before.... .7520", after

Creedmoor Sports 140gr Nosler BTHP
Before Tn'G

After Tn'G

Difference in group size...Creedmoor Sports 140gr Nosler BTHP... Before 1.5135"... After... .8770"

Those are the big improvements... Now for the Just as good / stayed the same.

Federal AE 140gr ...
Before Tn'G

After Tn'G

Difference in size, Fed AE 140gr....Before... .9425" 5rds.... After ... 9810" 5rds

Creedmoor Sports 142gr SMK HPBT...
Before Tn'G

After Tn'G

Difference in group size Creedmoor 142gr SMK... Before.... 1.1080" 5rds... After... 1.2670" 6rds... ( because I flubbed one and wanted to see if it was me or the ammo )

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