View Full Version : Is it the ammo?

October 11, 2003, 19:51
I was shooting some Radway Green ammo in my FAL today and noticed some strange stoppages. The ammo was orginaly linked, but was de-linked and polished (in a vibrating case tumber I think) before I bought it, head stamps in the late 1970s, most about 1975. I had the gas a little on the high side, around 2.5 or so, but was at about 10000 feet. I was having occsional failures to extract, eject, which would sugguest to me a gas problem. But, about 95% of the rounds had a strong ejection pattern about 5 feet away, a few fell short, and a few never made it out of the gun. I think it's the ammo, but I thought I'd double check on the board before I stop buying ammo from this guy, although the last lot I bought from him worked great. Oh, and yes, other (Port, SA, etc..)ammo has worked in my FAL 100%.


October 11, 2003, 20:02
Many folks have reported that Radway Green is less zippy than 7.62 ammo from other sources.

Less zip = less gas pressure?

Makes sense to me.

RG is still regarded as good-quality ammo.