View Full Version : Oklahoma Boys

August 19, 2001, 01:51
Just wondering if anyone went to the Sooner show up in Tulsa? Worth going to?

August 19, 2001, 01:58
a few goodies, I hug out with my dealer buddy today. Helped sell 2 century L1A1, but feel guilty about it. Alotta people out selling/trading and not buying, so there might be a few bargins to be found sunday afternoon. I'll be at Dicks Guns booth so stop by and say hi if you there.

August 19, 2001, 02:03
Sounds good to me. I will get up there. Where is the booth located in the bldg? I assume at the Fairgrounds?

Glad to see not another Metcalf deal. Spent 2 hours up there for what ended up being lunch at the Rib Crib!

August 19, 2001, 02:20
about 2 rows to the right of the front entrance, end of the first east/west row. He has a big red sign facing north. I'm going bring FAL of my goodies, so come on.