View Full Version : my 1st L1A1 kit arrived today from Century; short report

August 18, 2001, 00:19
This is my 1st venture into the world of L1A1's. Missed Tapco's bunch, so ordered one from Century on the Aug. special for $159. Arrived today. Good news/bad news deal here. Good news is the bore is excellent with sharp, crisp lands and grooves and mirror bright. Nice chamber. Barrel finish about 95% over all of it. Lower is good+ for finish, kind of a dead park look. Walnut buttstock is about 90% and will clean up to look quite good. Marked MA 79 S, so figure this whole thing is Austrialian. HG's are VG and will finish nice. Bad news: missing bolt carrier and rod; no piece at all of upper receiver, so missing mag release and adjacent fittings; missing magazine; missing front sight post. Guess I'll call Century Monday and hope they'll send the missing stuff. I don't want to return what I have, the bore and stock is way too good. Now to figure out how to build it. Dennis

August 18, 2001, 20:30
And to think, they were advertised as British...

Thanks for taking one for the team....I think I'll stick with TAPCO.

August 18, 2001, 22:28
I had this same problem with my Century kit that I received last Monday. I spoke with Jennifer in customer service and she is supposed to be sending me out the missing parts. Mine was in similar condition except they sent me a mismatched set of handguards - one laminated, on solid wood. I just wanted it for spare parts so it's not a big deal.