View Full Version : ID: FN (Belgian) Type 2 1967 Competition Model w- accessories

July 06, 2003, 20:40
OK, here it is. Unfired since it punched the holes in the test target back in '67. Little is known about these rifles. The Blake Stevens book mentions the type 1, but not the type 2. They certainly are few and far between.
Thanks go out to Jimmy and others off the board for info on this model. I am pleased that a few other folk had heard of them.

July 06, 2003, 20:42

July 06, 2003, 20:45

July 06, 2003, 20:50
that is what i want. nothing else to say. if its ever for sale, i will pull a mortgage loan:bow:

July 06, 2003, 20:51
Here are the factory accessories (still in the wrap).
Factory Type B bayo numbered to rifle, magazine, cleaning kit and sling.
Bayo was carefully extracted far enough to see that the numbers matched. Test target, factory invoice, State Dept paperwork are in the other thread.

July 06, 2003, 20:57
The manual....They (FN) seemed to use this one for several years. It is the same as came with my Rogak.

July 06, 2003, 20:58
you da man,,

because of you i started this bank of fn stuff....

drool , drool,,, :bow:

it's all your fault and those damn pics you sent me way back,,,if i ever see you in person,,,,,:mad:

i'm gonna shake our hand....



July 06, 2003, 21:02
Oh my goodness, that is a beauty. She almost takes your breath away.

July 06, 2003, 22:20
That is the pinnacle of mechanical art:bow:

July 07, 2003, 22:39
Super nice - "Art" is correct in erery sense.

Brian in MN
July 10, 2003, 19:09
What kind of a sicko keeps stuff like that unfired and in the original wrap?:biggrin:

July 10, 2003, 19:20
Y O U ...................:D
wish mine was still sealed, sicko

Jon Frum
July 10, 2003, 19:25
Where did you get that?

July 10, 2003, 19:34
well, they aren't sold in gun shops thats for sure..
you either have to know someone, or know someone who knows someone.. or every now and then a true collectable pops up on the internet...and you have to have cash in hand and jump on it real quick...

constantly searching for collectables is great fun, sometimes you score, sometimes you miss it.....

there is a certain "click" of collectors around here, and when something likes this pops up, the word gets around quick, and he who has the $ gets it..

once you get a collectable, or 2 , your "in"...
if you socialize....

July 12, 2003, 14:58
Originally posted by Brian in MN
What kind of a sicko keeps stuff like that unfired and in the original wrap?:biggrin:

Yes, we are sick puppies but that makes it all the more fun eh? ;)

July 26, 2003, 14:30
One last look...

Brian in MN
July 26, 2003, 22:14
I picked up that manual from L/FN at the Kansas City show this weekend. Glad to know that my Rogak now has a correct manual.

February 27, 2010, 12:27