View Full Version : can someone identify this mag

July 21, 2001, 22:46
It came from Century. Part of their Austrian Mag deal. http://www.lizardking.org/image/mag.jpg

Mr pogo
July 21, 2001, 22:48
Can you say inch L1A1? ;)

July 21, 2001, 22:53
I didn't know the "Austrians" made inch guns

July 22, 2001, 12:39

I have seen some mags with the metric tab and the inch type floorplate. Someone had a couple on the board--I think they came with a couple R-1 kits.

July 22, 2001, 13:28
NOT Inch!


Reports from RKIs indicate South Africa did use these some. In addition, Stevens indicates the Libyans also used this mag.

Metric, but definitely NOT Austrian.

July 22, 2001, 13:41
All the R1 kits I've bought came with these kind of mags. Haven't tried any yet though.
seems like they would work well as a fit all type mag to carry with inch or metric rifles.

Mr pogo
July 22, 2001, 13:48
Well, cant see the front of the mag in the pic, that would answer the question once and for all :p

July 22, 2001, 13:51
I think he's curious as to why he got the 'weird floorplate' attached to the metric body. I think my magazine (one of several I got from Cliff Brown at Dixie Ammo Dump) is identical his.

July 22, 2001, 14:54
IThree of the ten I received from Century were the same a these.