View Full Version : Retail stores that sell moly coat or gun kote or similar gun finishes?

July 21, 2001, 13:35
I want to get cracking on refinishing my SAR-2. Do any retailers (brick and mortar) sell any of the good bake-on finishes? I'd rather just run out to a store and buy some, instead of ordering on-line and waiting for a can to ship to me.

July 21, 2001, 18:32
If you find some at a retail establishment, please let us all know! :)

My can of Gun Kote prchased at a gun show 10 years ago is getting very light. Have done an entire AR15 Carbine upper/barrel assy., A set of FAL metal handguards, (4) FAL mags, and the STG bipod and still have some left in the can! But it is getting light so need more.

July 21, 2001, 21:12
How durable is the Gun Kote you applied to your FAL mags?

July 22, 2001, 05:10
Tact, The Gun Kote and similar coatings are really very similar to paint. Their advantage is that they will withstand the elements much better than a normal paint, and the solvents we normally use will not effect them. They still scratch just like paint, only it just usually changes color a bit where scratched if it doesn't scratch down to the metal. It holds up well on the mags but I will not lie to you, at the top of the mags where the pressure points are, just like park or blueing, it has worn at these spots to the metal. The rest of the mags though look brand new. See link, theres a pix of fresh coated mags there with some Barnaul 140gr. softpoints. :D

Entreprise Fal Page (http://stargazer111.home.mindspring.com/fal.htm)

July 22, 2001, 09:58
GunKote is excellent. I'm doing my 'Belgian Congo' Type 1 in the OD/Gray combination.

You can get GK directly from Joe fazio at KG products.

GunKote (http://www.kgprducts.net)

Tell them the FAL Files sent you. they'll appreciate knowing we like the product. I got a quart for US$ delivered. Enough to do 3 or 4 long rifles, from all accounts. Preparation is the key!

They also make an excellent 4-part cleaning system. Made my 1954 HRA M-1 Garand shine in the previously darkened bore. I had no other succesful cleaning attempts, and would've written off the original barrel. Muzzle isn't tight, but now the barrel is a keeper.

As SG indicates, GK does wear. All finishes will.