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July 20, 2001, 00:10
A couple questions about shooting in hot weather - The other day I went out shooting in 100 degree weather. After just 16 rounds the metal handguards on my FAL were too hot to handle. Is this just normal? Should I replace the metal guards with plastic or wood? Wear gloves? Seems to me a rifle of this type should last longer than 16 rounds before overheating, even if it is 100 degrees.

The other problem I have had lately, is that the rifle occasionally fails to fully eject spent casings - even though I have the gas setting turned down to 2.5-3.0. Could this be related to shooting in 100 degree weather? Does the gas system require more pressure because it's so hot outside? I used to be able to keep the gas setting on 3.5-4.5 without any problem. Thanks for your help.

July 20, 2001, 01:19
I have truck bed liner on my guards, and that helps a little. There have been several suggestions for insulating or shielding the guards on the board. Do a search. I was thinking of using the non-expanding foam spray insulation, trimed and painted. Its important to let the BBL "breath" though. I wouldnt think outside temps would effect cycling from a gas setting point. These things make good hand warmers in cold weather. Check for blockage or leakage.

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July 20, 2001, 01:37
The sheilding thing is in the works a couple of people have come up with some good ideas and I have been busilly wasting sheet metal trying to come up with a two piece design that sits inside the handgaurds and dosent rattle without benift of rivets.
The truck bedliner is a good way to go as are the "Mechanix" gloves or if you can find them the flight crew nomex gloves. BTW if you are using the STG metal handguards the plastic types stay much cooler Tapco had an stg lookalike HG dont know if they still have it or not.
As far as the heat of the day influencing cycling of the weapon though sounds like a bit of a reach to me the FAL was designed and is proven to work in every climate there is from desert to arctic suggest you check your gas system for fouling and leaks.

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July 20, 2001, 02:09
I live in Las Vegas and my STG with metal HG's melts the flesh off my hands after 40 rounds. I am saving for some nice iron wood furniture. P.S. anybody got Ironwood I could take off your hands for a good price?

July 20, 2001, 05:41
This is why the StG metal handguards are affectionately called "hand-burners."

1) Deploy the bipod or hold by the bottom of the magazine. Don't let the handguards rule you, out-smart them.

2) Replace your 'burners with wood, as in L1A1-style handguards or the Ironwood set. Be Advised: Ironwood may be so gorgeous, you may cry when you see your rifle so adorned.

3) Try some original plastic R1 handguards; you do have about eight SA kits, dontcha?

4) Speaking of cooler plastic, get the new synthetic StG handguards from TAPCO-- looks just like your metal ones.
http://www.tapco.com/store/prodinfo.asp?number=FAL24111&variation=&aitem=10&mitem =54&back=yes (http://www.tapco.com/store/prodinfo.asp?number=FAL24111&variation=&aitem=10&mitem=54&back=yes)

5) Try adhering metal-foil-type heat-reflective tape to the inside of your handguards, this stuff is available at many auto parts houses, wish I could tell you a brand-name (but my archives have STILL not been moved to this puter yet!). Try a search as suggested. Warning: this method will help save your hands but your barrel will now get REALLY hot! Anybody remember the tests with digital thermometer some "FAL scientist" did on the old board with this stuff? Very impressive photos of the temperature readout. The insulation worked, but there was a price!

6) Move north. AKiceman and Alaska Aviator could always use more friends. Just make sure the mosquitoes don't carry off any of your children in the summer.


7) Can't believe I forgot this. Adapt a set of really-neat-looking Israeli HB handguards to your StG barrel. These use a larger handguard ring (the part that rests against the front of the receiver) but you can cut & bend the liner lips to fit your standard size handguard ring.

8) Better yet, replace your regular barrel with a complete Izzy HB front end. The metal/wood handguards will protect your hands, and the thicker barrel will take much longer to heat up. (Will also take much longer to cool down, but you can't have everything...)

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July 20, 2001, 17:09
Gary, the wife is wondering why I crack up with laughter whenever I am on this board!

Ak_2_FN, Tapco still has the hg's for $20. I just got a set and did the "Auto Zone" insulation/metal tape routine to them before I have shot any rounds. The Tapco's DO NOT have ANY ventilation holes in the bottom. If you get some I highly suggest you add some holes on the bottom. They fit well and it appears the mold was taken from the inside of the original metal hg's as they are almost identical, except maybe just a hair wider. Do a search and look for the words," bedliner=insulation" and you'll find the thread were I posted pix of the insulation/metal tape. :D

That 3v cpu fan is looking better and better!

July 20, 2001, 17:44
gary.jeter's shooting mitt must be for a lefty. Unless the trigger also heats up??

I enthusiastically vote for gary's festive Chicken Mitt, I think this is clear evidence of brain damage, that he could even come up with the idea! I'm still laughing! At the range, with an evil-looking assault rifle (sic) and a goofy hand-protector, people will correctly assess that you're a nut and give you plenty of room!

Need oxygen, must stop laughing...




July 20, 2001, 17:56
On my STG, the h.g.'s don't overheat but my left hand sure does!

July 21, 2001, 05:05
Oh man, that visual(sp) of the FAL at the range with the "chicken" mitt has me in tears right now! You have got to have experienced the heat to appreciate the humor.

just can't stop laughing....somebody has got to do this at a range...and take pixs...

young man to father," Dad, why is that man shooting his rifle with that funny glove on?".
father replies," Oh, that's FAL son, each rifle comes with one".

two Faler's at a range," Hey, it's my turn to use the glove!"