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August 17, 2001, 01:05
My FAL upper experience with Chris Chan of Arrowhead Outdoor Sports in Westminster, CA. Wasn't good.

Finding an FFL in CA to deal with AWs, or rather potential AWs, can be difficult. I asked here for recommendations for one in the LA area. 2 people recommended I deal with Chris. I contacted him and he seemed fine with doing the transfer. He said the charge would be $30 or 10% of the purchase price which ever is more and then stated he usually just charged $30.

I then called DS Arms, ordered and paid for the upper. They were familiar with Chris and I told them to ship my upper there.

According to FedEx the upper is due to arrive tommorrow. I called Chris to let him know to expect it. He told me I could go down there today and start the paperwork. I chose to do that and drove the hour there.

When I got there Chris told me I would have to pay sales tax on the cost of the upper. I said since I had paid for the upper already and he wasn't handling the money he wasn't supposed to collect sales tax. He said he'd just been through some 4 month audit and he wasn't going to pay for my sales tax at the end of the year. We discussed this for about 10 minutes and he said if I wasn't going to pay the tax the deal was off.

I then agreed and ask for him to note on the bill that he had collected sales tax. He then said he wouldn't do the transfer at all because if I didn't trust him he couldn't trust me. I said it wasn't a matter of trust but a difference of opinion and I had already agreed to his terms of paying the sales tax and wanted to complete the business. He wouldn't and told me he would refuse the FedEx delivery. He said he thought I might try to screw him around or cause him problems or something. I figured he and I both knew at this point I was a one time only customer but I couldn't figure out why he thought screwing me around would be less of an inducement for me to cause trouble than completing the transfer.

Like I said, 2 people here recommended him and Anne at DSA knew him on a business level so maybe I got him on a bad day but if you use him for an FFL transfer only, he will charge sales tax and don't disagree with him on anything.

Rule .308
August 17, 2001, 09:47
Bkinzey, I am sorry to hear that, I have used Chris' services quite a bit over the past 8+ years and was probably one of the people on this board who recommended you. As long as I deal with Chris things have gone well. I think part of the problem is that he is going out of business, this was not known when I posted my endorsement of him. Sounds like he is developing short timers disease. This truly sucks because FFLs are getting few and far between here in Orange County. Soon I will be making the "hour trip" to see an FFL that I don't know. Thanks for the heads up though, I will be in the hot seat here shortly when my PRE-PAID package from Williams arrives. :mad: :(

August 17, 2001, 16:15
I replied in the other thread about Arrowhead I found out the transfer dealer is to collect a use tax. Still doesn't sit right that after I agreed to pay the tax he then refused to complete the deal.