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August 16, 2001, 21:19
I hope you can help a new guy ID his rife. THis is my first FN, actually my first post 1945 rifle, I am trying t figure out the following,
IS my rifle inch or metric
who made the parts kit my rifle is assembled with
where can I get a wood stock to replace the plastic one I now have,
The rifle is as follows
upper marked R1A1 sporter
Receiver made by Imbel-Brazil
imported by CAI St. Alb. VT.
also has a very small Assembled by CAI 308

Rifle has a overall Grey Parkerizing
Metal handguards with a metal folding bi-pod
Plastic stock and plastic pistol grip
No flash hider or bayonet lug
upper and lower receivers have different serial #'s
the stock doesn't appear to have ever had a swivel on it. The front swivel is missing but the band that holds it on the barrel is there
I need a front site adjustment tool and a replacement stock, Do I order metric or inch parts, thanks in advance

August 16, 2001, 21:29
Sounds like a CAI assembled Imbel with STG58 kit. It is metric.

Try Gunthings for surplus R1 wood stock, or Ironwood designs for new wood stock.

Buttstock is probably CAI )US part) and does not have the sling swivel.

Hope this helps.

August 16, 2001, 21:37
You have a Century Frankenfal. It may have parts on it from several rifles.

I have one of recent manufacture, marked like yours (R1A1, IMBEL receiver). It is an inch kit, mostly, and has a folding cocking handle and no provision for a bipod on the barrel (none of the commonwealth light rifles do). Even so, the magazine well is cut for metric magazines.

The buttstock has no place to install a swivel.

It is most likely a metric upper. The barrel, if it has a bipod and another groove or slot for a sling swivel, could be from any metric rifle, Brazilian, Argentinian, Belgian, South African or Austrian. Metal handguards that accept the bipod were usually Austrian from their STG 58.

Century would assemble rifles from what parts they had at the moment. Serial numbers that do not match (bolt, barrel, bolt carrier, lower) are the norm. A metric upper on an inch lower is also common.

I am afraid you have to diagnose it's parts' parentage one assembly at a time.

I guess "Frankenfal" does sound better than "Frankenbastard." Mine works pretty well, has a great barrel, an IMBEL receiver and is reliable so far. If you got into the rifle for less than $475-500, and it works fine, you did okay.

You will likely need a U.S. made wood buttstock to stay 922 compliant. I think the Ironwood buttstock is the only one commonly available, although else someone was making them a while ago.

I would suggest doing a search under 'inch and metric magazines' or such, and look at the photos in vendors' websites (gunthings.com has some great photos) to help figure it out.

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August 16, 2001, 22:01
Mine does not have a folding cocking handle, is there someplace that shows proofs or other markings that will help me ID the parts on my gun. Would putting a surplus wood stock on this rifle make it not legal in the US?

August 17, 2001, 17:39
You will almost undoubtedly have to replace the buttstock with a US-manufactured replacement.

Century put the absolute minimum number of US parts required by law into their guns.