View Full Version : finns ban spudgun sites (and all of the rest of the fun ones)

February 10, 2003, 12:38
working for a major international mining equip mfr, i see odd things every day, but i was not expecting what i found on the screen this morning. it seems that our parent corp has added a filter to block sites that contain info that violate standards established for word content. apparently all the sites i have on the favorites list contain info related to "weapons". go figure.

each thread gets a score, and apparently everything over 70 just gets a pix of some guy in glasses with a nervous look on his face staring at his screen. thought police intimidation? that being said, it is their computer.

sooooo...what i am proposing is that all of you guys stop talking about guns (especially potato guns, as they had really BIG red letters all over spudtech.com), and post some threads about knitting, or gardening, or some other finn approved hobby. otherwise i'm gonna have to take the spudinator for a little boat ride...

btw, if i can't get back into this thread because it's too scary sounding, i'll be able to get it from home.

February 10, 2003, 14:43
Metso OY was one that classified guns with drugs & sex - what idiots.