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February 08, 2003, 09:41
Ok this is not a government conspiracy thread with some government agent attempting to find out how many Fal's you have. This is a 17 year old who is jealous that he doesn't have a single one. So how many do you have? And if you would be kind enough put what variants you have. I figure between 9000 or so of us we should have close to 5000 fals. Well see! -myers

February 08, 2003, 10:45
Now, bwa, lemme set you straight.
Never mind how many I got, what the situation is, is you ain't got none.
Bwa, how you gonna live like that?
We all gotta start somewhere, bwa, and you got the advantage of you ain't bein' a wore out 50 year old on a downhill slide, tryin' to keep his shootin' eye open, and hopin' not to cut his damn dick off with the dremel tool.

You fresh, bwa, you got 30 years to work on building your own expertise, and bwa, by the time you get up where we're at, you be the baddest bwa around !!

You best git yer ass down ta Burger King and start flippin' them burgers, and sloppin' that grease, 'til you get yer $129, and you send it straightaway to Dan's in Pennsylvania, order you your first Imbel kit. He'll send you a spanish language manual with it, you look at them pictures 'til you figure it all out,and you practice tearin' it down and buildin' it up 'til you get hairy palms or go blind.

Then you'll be in good shape for your first rifle, much better shape than most of the damn newsance newbodies around here.

We'll be watchin' you, bwa.

February 08, 2003, 11:50

Real nice advice, but give the guy a break.
He made me a great deal on some Izzy mag pouches recently. :D Seems he works part time at a surplus store so that's better than flippin' burgers!. He's a great kid!

He's just trying to put in his dues and learn (like you so illustriously noted). :rofl:

I know you're just having some fun and laughter is the best medicine :rofl: and I applaud you for that, but did you answer his question?
One G-1 & many more to go!

bbgun:fal: :rofl:

(This is not a flame, just another post count, I'm trying to catch up with ce!)

February 08, 2003, 11:51
Two, Now get to flippin those burgers and reward yourself with a fal.

February 08, 2003, 12:08
i have one:( my advice to you is to buy the things you can own like mags and kits.

February 08, 2003, 12:28
If I were you I would go down to the local construction Hiring hall and see about getting yourself a job as a laborer. If there are any large projects going on in your area they may be hiring for the summer. Flipping burgers may have been the way to make money 30 years ago but these days you will be working for your lunch money and gas back and forth to work and not much else. It don't pay squat.

Laborers start out at around $20/hour in most locations and a strong and non-lazy 17-18 year old will be appreciated if you are a hard worker and don't ever give any back-talk. Keep your eye open while you are doing this for opportunities in some of the skilled trades. Listen to the Plumbers, Electricians, Tinners, Fitters, Pipe insulators etc.. talk and find out who is the best paid and who has a need for openings. Don't mess with the low-pay unskilled trades like bricklayer, painters, cement finishers, iron workers or stay with the laborers for more than a year because they are dead-end low-paying jobs.

Don't mess around with college unless you want to be a doctor, lawyer, accountant or other certified profession where you need a degree. A BS or BA is not the guaranteed job these days by any means and a business job today is usually either sell-your soul to Satan or become a $15/hour desk drone for the rest of your life. There is no money in business for the honest man. The crooked government rules make sure of that. I'd recommend against it not only because I feel it is a waste of time (you can learn anything you really want to know from reading books or taking night classes- I know, I've done both) but it is a waste of money as well. Colleges today are just pits of socialist bullshyte these days anyway. They stopped actually teaching years ago. Go only for that sheepskin if you have your heart set on a job that needs one.

Take that money and buy yourself lots of parts that you can legally own. Talk your parents into buying what you can't own. Soon you will be able to "take legal possession of it." and by then maybe your parents will let you "improve" the value of those parts that they own and "help" them assemble some complete FAL's. $ makes the world go around. Without it you will not be able to do much. A job is a way to make $ so you can do the stuff you want to do. Don't fall for that "find your love" type of professional BS. Your love will be your family, your hobbies and yourself. $ is just the way to keep the above in a nice warm house with clothes and the things that make life worth living. Find a job that you don't have to sell your soul for and will make you pleanty of $$$ and is portable and transportable from place to place. Construction Skilled Trades are a great way. You can move from company to company and state to state and pretty much have the same job waiting for you at the same high pay.

In the end the choice is yours to make. It's still a pretty free country. We have not yet sunk to true communal living where the government picks your job for you and you are stuck with it. Soon it will happen but not yet. Get where you want to go before the police state cements you into place

Jim - FALunga

February 08, 2003, 14:03
Grunt, I know your just dying to build those kits you got stashed under your bed, It will come. You know when 18 gets here, and you get the receivers, weíll have them parked and built in no time. Just let me know when your ready.
BTW, I donít own any FALs, they own me. There are a few of them hanging around here that demand to be fondled and fed. They demand more mags, ammo and accessories. There is a G1 kit in the shop right now screaming at me to be built.

Drop me a PM and tempt me with what goodies that surplus store might have in it. I work in Wo. Several days a week, but Iv never stopped in there. Any mags, pouches, etc.?

Iím not sure if Iím going to go to the shoot tomorrow. Itís pretty cold for these old bones. I was out this morning, (10deg) sighting in this Carbine and a new 1911 I picked up. Brrrrrrrrrr! I should still go over their just so RS39 gets some support for organizing this shoot.

Ill take you up on inspecting this Carbine since you such a guru with them, and Ill have it with me tomorrow. Things have been really busy at the office lately so Iíve been lunching in and working late. If I donít see you at this shoot, do you work Sat. at the store?

I know this thread wasnít about employment, but since itís gone that direction, Iíll share with you a few thing Iíve learned over the years having worked in Fast Food, Trucking, Auto Body, Construction, the Oil Fields, the Timber Ind., Factory Production, Factory Maintenance, Hotel Ind., Heavy Equipment Operator, Accounting & Payroll, and my present job as a Counselor. Iíve worked for others as a laborer and in management, and Iíve been self-employed, and an employer. Iíve done Trade Schools, OJT, and College.
BTW all of the above was my choice, Iíve never been laid off or fired and Iíve always had at least two job options.
By my resume you may see that I enjoy working physically and I liked the hands on trades. My current office career pays for me to be able to do the things I enjoy. Hell if it hadnít been for my extremely poor choice in wives, and their bastard lawyers, I would be on easy street right now.

1. A job is what you do to pay for your life. Your life will always be, your job may not.
2. A career is just a job with a plan. You should have a career IMO.
3. Plans change. There is no guarantee that either a job or a career will last.
4. Always have a back up Job/Career/marketable skill in case the primary one fails.
5. Formal education, past experience or BS will get you in the door; your abilities will keep you there.
6. Knowledge skill and experience are valuable, but wisdom is priceless.

February 08, 2003, 22:09
I don't have every one issued yet so still working. Its great your into FALs already. Best battle rifle ever and building them makes it oh so much better. Make sure you get the kits your interested in know and most importantly the best barrels you can find. Good luck and I hope my boy is into them like you are when he is 17. That will be about 17 years and one month from now by the way.


February 08, 2003, 23:27
Had 3 sold 1. :( I did it to maintain domestic bliss. After selling it, I used 1/3 of the money to buy some spiffy add-ons for the other two :).

Good advice from others. I was going to med school decided not to since it would require another 7 years after 5 undergrad. Decided instead on physicians assistant school. My loathing for filling out applications put me two weeks past the deadline so I decided to go to grad school for one year for my M.A. Once I have my P.A. license I can practice and teach during the winter. P.A.'s here in Alaska turn around 80k per year to start. Teaching at college level for a non-tenured prof runs around 55k for the 9 month period. I think that is pretty good money.

Correct about PC crap. Pick the school you want to go to based on the academics. You'll get the other stuff if you want it.

February 09, 2003, 12:10
Two complete. Five kits left to assemble.

February 09, 2003, 21:12
I have built about 15 of them, and currently own 3 1/2 (the 1/2 being one in the "oven" so to speak). The other 3, DSA Type II R1 matching #s excellent condition, A DSA Type I R1 with a 16' Bbl and a red dot scope (my "working" gun), and a preban Armscorp FMAP 50-63 para. (my life-long dream gun).

I used to have a Springfield Armory Izzy HB that I sold a long time ago (and regret it every day of my life since...) My best friend had it's contemporary twin Izzy HB with Springfieild Armory's ultra-rare upgrade of super fancy burl european walnut furniture on it... Man that was a pretty rifle!

Congrats on getting into them so young, you won't regret it. Good advice on joining the union trades by the way, I am a Union Millwright, The money is excellent, I work about 4 months a year, and turn about 45K on a good year, and I am also an accomplished jeweler and gold/silversmith, which I do on the side. I also went to school for gunsmithing, and I am very good at that too. Get a trade, you can take it with you, and somebody ALWAYS needs something fixed.

Best of luck to you!

February 09, 2003, 22:05
4, but my wife only knows about 2. Thank God she doesn't have a key to my safe or doghouse................................
I need to sell a couple but which ones?
Never the STG on a DSA. Maybe my G-1. The Imbel/ Imbel-
probably. My black/tan puppy- nah. It's too purty.

February 09, 2003, 22:15
I only have one FAL now. I can't buy anymore for a while, I decided to go the college route. I was making good money in a manufacturing facility (factory) with alot of other people who were just going nowhere. Great people, dont get me wrong but, I decided I am not going down like that. Yea school sucks but...

The earlier you get your education (trust me) the better off you will be. More money, better jobs, bigger toys, better work conditions, travel anywhere, better women, and you call the shots or you could go somewhere else for better money if you dont get your way.

I can promise you this, less than 10% without education will earn over 30k. There is nothing wrong with someones choice of being at the bottom of the food chain of economy, cause someone has to do it.

For what its worth thats my .02. Damn I sound like my dad.

P.S. or marry rich:devil:

February 09, 2003, 22:24
Most in the skilled trades make 45-60K depending on locale. Some more if you want to do mega OT. More yet if you go into supervision. You will still have to do school because an apprenticeship program will have either night-school or day school or a combo of both. Count on about 1000-1500 school hours over 4-5 years

Jim :fal: FALunga

February 09, 2003, 22:39
One Century/Imbel "franfenFAL" and two kits desperately in need of receivers.

As for schooling, IMHO get all the education you can stand, that will give you OPTIONS for your future. There is nothing wrong with flipping burgers, either, as start, as long as you dont decide it is a good career option!!!!, like my EX-wife did!!

Hmmmmmm perhaps THATS the reason I am divorced now!!!:confused: :wink: :]

February 10, 2003, 14:41
I have 1. Not my first choice but the price was right, since my x-wife took me to the cleaners. Had a l1a1 kit but traded it for a 87 toyota 4 runner. damn i still havent shot it. :(

February 10, 2003, 15:50
I have one complete, and another on the way. As far as getting a job , my two cents is first go in the service and do your 2 or four yaers and then go to school. You will have a advantage over those's who didn't. Here's why : first the service will give you disipline(sp) to handle the load. second the G.I. bill to help with the bills thrid when you get done with school you will have the advantage of being a vet,that gives you points in the eyes of the Gov't. So many HR dept. will hire you over a non-vet.

Sorry for the rant. Nice to see some of the younger ones taking a likein' to the Fal, you will like it when you turn 18.

February 11, 2003, 10:48

February 11, 2003, 10:53
...evolved to different colors of different models. INSANITY!