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February 07, 2003, 08:46
I was just thinking that my wife and I go shooting together once every six months or so. And if my home or family was ever threatened I know that I could count on her to back me up. However a couple of my friends who shoot ,are married to women who won't touch a weapon and have never tried. I was wondering how common is this idea of a wife wanting nothing to do with her husbands firearms. And how many of you have a wife who would lay down a base of fire that would put Rambo to shame. I believe that most of us have wives somewhere in between the previous mentioned but am interested to hear your comments.

February 07, 2003, 09:03
I'm munching eggs and elk sausage. Without my wife filling the freezer, I'd be eating eggs. I HATE EGGS!

February 07, 2003, 09:09
My wife shoots at the range on occasion with me, carries a gun ~80% of the time (bigger than mine I might add), loves the .45 but not rifles. She says she doesnt have a use for them. Every 3 months or so, she will shoot in an IDPA match with me.

Not as much shooting as I would like to see but ya gotta start somewhere.

I tried the guilt thing...ya know honey, I teach the CHL classes, you really should be carrying more.....yadda yadda yadda....

February 07, 2003, 09:15
Well, I'm probably the exception. I think my wife would probably tell me to lay down the base of fire as she assaulted. She only goes to the range with me once or twice a year, never carries a gun and just looks at me funny when I try to show her something. Of course, she is an officer in the Army, but I try not to hold that against her....


February 07, 2003, 09:47
my wife has her ccw permit and carries most of the time. weather permitting she goes to the range with me 2 or 3 times a month. she is a member of 2ND amendment sisters. she hasn't shot my serbu...yet. she won't shoot my s&w 629 or ithaca m37 but the mini14 , 10/22,or my newly aquired fal ( just got it back from MOSES- outstanding trigger job!) no problem. she a killer shot with her p-85 or her pt-111. i always ask if she goes shooting to be with me or is she really into shooting. always says it's the shooting,hmmm.but she will not go to a gun show at all. i just count my blessings. y'all have a great weekend!

February 07, 2003, 09:55
My wife is most always carrying, was a G30, then a S&W airweight, now it's a G26. Bought her a Beretta Tomcat 32acp for Christmas,for those dressy outings....
She's pretty good with a hand gun, but not strong with a longarm. I did get her an AR a few years ago, and looks like she wants me to build an FAL shorty too;)
Yes, I feel very fortunate.... I don't get any complaints about my toys, except when they are all over the coffee table!

February 07, 2003, 10:04
Had two:
1st wife made me get rid of them (I was young and dumb)
2nd: (actually live in girlfriend) wouldn't LET me get any.

Well now being single I have a nice little collection going and when I find #3,
I will be sure she enjoys shooting, and no wise cracks Like "she will take my guns " :biggrin:

February 07, 2003, 10:21
Now on the other hand....
My wife worries that friends or family won't understand my "obsession" with collecting ......toys.
I've gotten into a few discussions with the "liberal" non-gun folks... some good friends even. That movie "Bowling for Columbine" seemed to influence many self rightious, intellectual types.

February 07, 2003, 10:23
no. :(

February 07, 2003, 11:11
My girlfriend goes shooting with me and "helps" me build my FAL.... by help I mean point and laugh when a spring flies and mumble "hurry up and do something stupid"
I might keep'er
Mike :love: :fal:

February 07, 2003, 11:15
For the most part, she is.

I can tell you that she can hit a NUT at 7 paces with her S&W revolver, and that she calls it "her baby."

She's not bothered as much by my constant metal filings, wood shavings, and strange smells of solvents/paint/cleaners/lubes as she was when my workbench was in the BEDROOM, but it still gets to her every once in awhile - she still hasn't quite gotten to the point where she ENJOYS the smell of Hoppes.....

She mostly worries about what other people will think if they should know the full depth of my "gun nuttedness.":biggrin:

I think I'm pretty well off overall.......

February 07, 2003, 11:26
My wife thinks that i'm nuts to spend money on guns. (Of course that means that I don't tell her when I do), and shows no interest in any of my hobbies. She prefers to sit in front of the box watching whatever crap is on.
Fortunately my daughter is just the opposite. She's the coolest 13 year old I know.:)


February 07, 2003, 11:51
Yeah, my wife pretends to be anti. She still spouts the occasional rhetoric whenever she hears my friends talking about guns and rights with me. At one point she actually told me to stop doing anything with guns whenever she was around, like cleaning, mounting optics, etc. I could do that stuff in the basement, but not upstairs where it's warm...

However, I was watching Tales of the Gun one night and she was bored or paralyzed or something and so she didn't get up and leave the instant she saw what was on. It was the episode about Guns of Germany in WWII.

Later, and I mean weeks later, I was fiddling with an Israeli Mauser (in the middle of the living room, in direct violation of House Ordinance #1) and she blurted out "Hey! That's a 98k, isn't it?" :eek: :confused: :biggrin: :love:

Maybe there's hope. She didn't yell and scream when she found the 12ga. under my side of the bed, she just said "What's THAT doing under the bed?" I refrained from replying "Guaranteeing our civil rights", but she understood when I said that I had put it there after a Neighborhood Watch flyer came out reporting several break-ins in our urban, but relatively expensive (now), neighborhood.

I repeat, maybe there's hope.


February 07, 2003, 12:36
Current GF seems to be coming along nicely. When we started dating I let her know up front about my gun problem (never enough) and she seemed to accept it and my “gun nut” friends rather well. She even wanted to do some shooting and go to shows. Now, almost four years later I cant go to a show without her, and she is telling me which guns I cant get rid of. I recently got a M1 carbine that I was almost immediately offered twice what I paid for it, and she about had a cow. She loves the carbine. She’s a petite gal so although she shoots the big guns she prefers the lighter kicking ones. The carbine and a Glock 19 are her favorites. I think with a little more practice she’ll make a good partner in the event of any need for defense.

February 07, 2003, 12:53
My wife and I are partners in life. There are things on which we disagree, but that is the spice of life.

She doesn't make me cross-stich with her and I don't make her come to the range. We would each LIKE for the other to become involved/interested in the others activities, but as of yet we are not. I would LOVE for her to come to the range with me, and have asked her, no, pleaded with her, to come with me.

She tolerates my firearms and only complains when they begin to take up too much space (cleaning sessions take up half of the living room) or too much time ("You're going to the range today, AGAIN.") Also, if she thinks they are a good investment, she is all for it. Far be it for her to actually touch anything. Apparently, even touching them kills.

What gets me is when the in-laws comment on the thought of weapons in the house. "But, you have children in the house! That can't be safe." I come back with the fact that the last time someone called concerning a burglary in progress, it took almost 10 minutes for a Deputy to get out to our neck of the woods.

February 07, 2003, 12:55
My wife could care less about guns or motorcycles. I own both and really could care less about her sewing and antiquing hobbies. As long as I don't bitch about her hobbies, she doesn't bitch about mine. We are individuals and partners. We do some things together but also have our own interests and I like it that way. I would hate doing EVERYTHING with her and I'm sure she feels the same way. Been married over 30 years and so far its worked out just fine.

February 07, 2003, 13:09
My wife 'confiscated' my 45 when we were first married. She carries it with her in the car. That leaves me with my 40s. AND she likes shooting my FALs. How can you beat that?

February 07, 2003, 13:27
My wife owns her own Mark II Ruger, and she and I went "halfsies" on an M-1 Carbine which she still calls her "little baby gun."

She also likes to shoot .45 autos.

At night, a shotgun sleeps next to my side of the bed while a .357 magnum revolver sleeps on the night stand on her side of the bed.


Clyde the Pointer
February 07, 2003, 14:06
I make sure to take my wife to the range twice a year. Usually it's kicking and screaming. I tell her she must learn the technique required to safely aim and fire several of the weapons that grace our house. Problem is, 12 years ago I started her on an Airweight which kicks like a mule and makes follow up shots impossible. First 5 would usually hit the paper, but that's it. I let it rest for a few years, and tried again with a .22 auto, and a 686 .357 S&W. She was pretty damn good with that 6" 686; which is diametrically opposed to the Airweight.

I pulled the Mossberg off the over-the-door wall mount in the closet the other day and explained it's workings. She hasn't fired that one and I don't think I'll encourage her, as a load of buck from a 12 gauge is not kind to the shooter!

I hope and pray that we'll never have to use these things for the defense of our home. However, if it happens, I'm sure she would stand tall and let it rip.

One positive note: I only have to pay for the ammo I shoot!

February 07, 2003, 14:27
Yes she is!:shades:
I would not have it any other way!


February 07, 2003, 15:34
Edge - DITTO!!! My wife doesn't really mind guns, she lets me have my toys (it was a condition of gettign married). And she goes shooting with me every now and then - really just to spend some time with me. But she will kick me and elbow me at the table if I start talking about guns with any of her friends. She's affraid that her friends will be scared to come over or bring their kids to our house. And I keep all but one locked up in a safe, tucked away in a closset!!!!

February 07, 2003, 15:45
I've ruined my wife. I've spent way too much money on guns. She's right. I don't need this many guns. She's right. She never had too much trouble with my guns until it became an obsession. She's got a good point.
She works with group of liberals mixed with conservatives. When she has 2nd amemdment converstaions, she's usually in the forefront, ahead of the other conservatives, in defending our right to arm bears.
BTW she doesn't go shootin' much with me, but when she does, I don't get to shoot my Delta Elite because she keeps it in constant use.

February 07, 2003, 15:50
Hey Skans
I have mine tactically hidden throughout the house:skull: Just in case.... We had my wifes step sister come visit from out a town, and we were at work while she uncovered my Kimberduring a diaper changing.... scared her Kalifornia self a bit.:biggrin:

I have taken a couple of classes with my wife from InSights Training in the area here, one was a home defense class.... clearing etc... GREAT!
There is a rifle class next week I wanted to take together(My Colt AR shorty, and her Bushmaster shorty....:cry:
But she just lost her Mom last week and it don't look like any classes for a bit....

February 07, 2003, 15:51
Yes she is. My wife has her CHL and carries all the time. Her carry gun is a Sig 239 9mm. Originally it was mine but I made the mistake of letting her shoot it one time at the range. She immediately claimed it for herself.

She also has her own Ruger 22/45 that is a consecutive serial number with mine. She is a pretty good shot with her guns.

She doesn't like the long guns as much. She is pretty good with my AR and 10/22 but doesn't hunt with me.

For Father's day she is talking about getting me a Dillon XL650. I think she is a keeper.


February 07, 2003, 16:06
My wife says she is afraid of guns and that they are only made for killing. She watches Oprah and reads her magazine, along with all the other liberal women's magazines so she does not think much of my hobby. She grudgingly tolerates it. Has caused quite a few "discussions" especially when she sees the credit card bill. You guys with a partner who likes shooting should consider yourselves fortunate. She knew I was into guns when we married as I was involved in a local IPSC club at the time. I just didn't know she was against them until much later.

February 07, 2003, 16:38
Lucky fools.
My wife has no clue to why I want more than one firearm.
I taught her to shoot for the first time and she hated every minute of it.
It was only when we had escapees from another county sighted down the road from us that she wanted a refresher course. LOL.

If the need arises, she knows what to do to protect herself and the kids. Other than that, she has no interest in them at all.

Fortunately, we do have other things in common .

Now, the first wife carried....without a permit. She was a deadly shot with about any pistol she laid hands on. I just wasn't sure when she was going to snuff me out for insurance money, so she had to go. Crazy lady then and worse now.

February 07, 2003, 16:52
First time my (at the time) girlfriend and I went shooting I was really surprised! We had pulled out several handguns, shotguns, and an Ar15 hbar. We had lined up some bowling pins and she had picked up the hbar ( she liked it becuase it looked neat). she knocked all the pins down one right after the other. She saw the expression on my face (I didn't think she could shoot at the time) then she tells me how she had forgotten to mention that her daddy was a sniper in the Marines and he used to take her to shoot all the time. We are now happily married and both enjoy hunting, target and clay shooting. So, yes my wife is my partner!

February 07, 2003, 17:26
You know, I used to believe that women feigned interest in guns so their prey (usn's)would think they were cool. Then when the hook was set, they showed their real colors and the interest in shooting went into the toilet.
But my son's wife is a petite, sweet young lady from Columbia. Nothing excites her (at least to my knowledge) quite as much as shooting my FALs. It's great to be out in the country shooting away, then notice her off to the side, lying prone in the dirt emptying 20 round clips. She enjoys the .308 over the "ladies" AR-15 that she is sometimes forced to shoot.

But then, again, she's not my wife.

February 07, 2003, 17:33
***qoute from Stranger***
"But, you have children in the house! That can't be safe."

No, it's not! They leave toys on the stairs, rollerskates on the porch, clothes just outside the hamper, and an empty feeling in your pocket. :D

my better half doesn't like guns, but understands my need to hoard :biggrin:

After 30 years, she tolerates them more, just as I tolerate her idiosyncracies more.


February 07, 2003, 17:46
I will add to my post though. Sadly, she has put down a few rules.
No Belt Feds
Nothing that has its own means of propulsion
Nothing that requires a cassion
Weapon in question cannot fire a projectile larger than a forearm

February 07, 2003, 18:01
My wife has gone out with me a few times and has even put a mag through my jungle carbine with only a few complaints (not bad for a 5'7" 115 lbs woman!)

She does not ask to go though. I feel she goes the odd time just to share in my hobby when the kids are off with thier friends.

The only thing she is anti it the C.C. bill after I see the next "must have item":biggrin:

February 07, 2003, 18:17
I took the lil lady to the range once to teach her to shoot. She was pretty enthusiastic. I showed her how.... She dry fired a couple times.... she sighted and fired and SCREAMED when it went off. That little ole .380 really shook her up. She encourages the hobby, 2 sons and a daughter enjoy firing any and all guns (the 12 yo paricularly likes .50 cal !!). However, wifey is not someone I'll be able to count on if the SHTF

February 07, 2003, 19:12
Mine carries a Taurus .357 and also has a Rossi .357 Lever rifle so she'll be able to use the same ammo in her long gun. (Very sensible woman!)
We shoot together once in awhile but she has been in college for a year and has another year and a half to go so it will probably be awhile before we can do it again.
She is very tolerant of my addiction but then, I am of her's too. Other than Carrie on "Sex and the City" and Imelda Marcos, I don't know anyone with as many pairs of shoes as my wife. All I have to do is point to the closet if she balks at me getting another gun.
She always asks me if I know that there is a gunshow on a certain weekend and if I have scheduled enough time to go. Great partner I have!:smile:

February 07, 2003, 19:23
Originally posted by ceelife
she a killer shot with her p-85 or her pt-111.

She must be a firearm goddess if she is a killer shot with a P-85. I couldn't hit the side of a barn with mine even if I were standing inside of it. I finally gave it to my dad. He can't hit crap with it either but at least he has one more handgun in the house because he doesn't have enough.

I bought a Glock and my shooting improved 100000000000%. I could immediately do 3" groups with it right out of the box at 25M. With the P-85 I was very lucky, even after a few K through it for practice, to get 10 holes on the paper (anywhere) out of a magazine. At least it never jammed...much. I've never been impressed with traitor bill's autoloading handguns.

My wife is a pretty good shot. She comes out to the range not as much as I would like but she has brought out a few female friends for first-time fun with firearms. The last girlfriend she brought was having a lot of fun until I brought out the mini-14. We had worked our way up from the 10-22 and I gave her the wimpy 5-round stock mag to start with that came with the mini (again -THANKS TRAITOR BILL) She loved that. We went through about 10 reloadings of the 5-round mag before I bought out the 30-rounder and had her bump her way through it. That was the end of any anti-gun mag-banning thoughts in her head. She just kept asking for more fresh mags until I felt she was going to banana the barrel. It was starting to glow I think -jesus friggin' hot even though it was DAMN'D COLD out, so we had to set it aside. I was so worried she was going to burn herself BADLY on that barrel. I kept reminding her that it was very hot and not to let her slip up to the barrel. That would not be a good way to end a first gun experience.

Then we worked our way up from the .22 Taurus to the Security-six and she had fun with that with .38 special but was not too impressed with full-boat .357 -two shots and she was done with that! I didn't want to push it or bring out the real magnums... Then she had a lot of fun with the G-19. She kept asking me if I had any bigger mags for that too!

I made a convert that day. We had fun and the next time she is in town she informed me that she expected to go shooting again. This is how you fight the RKBA battles -one chick at a time.

Jim - FALunga

February 07, 2003, 19:46
hydrotx I have similar rules in my house.

1. No crew served weapons! (After I brought home a dewatt 82mm mortar :-)
2. No Class VII


February 07, 2003, 19:48
Originally posted by limeyinaz

However, she WILL NOT allow to sell or trade any weapon if she feels I will have seller's remorse. Tells me "Just get the otherone ASWELL" :smile:

Does she have a sister?

February 07, 2003, 20:06
Oh yeah, she's my partner alright. Whenever I clean my guns and she gets a whiff of the Shooter's Choice I use, she says "I see you're using my favorite perfume, again." She has her CHL, carries her Seecamp .32 everywhere, and wouldn't give up her pre-ban AR-15 HBar for anything. Too, the only gold leg I ever won was with her M1-A. I don't have to worry about someone to cover my back, my front, or either side. :wink:

February 07, 2003, 20:22
She was always there
She was more woman than I deserved
She out thought, and outshot, any partner,anytime.
She was a little slip of a girl,

You see we knew each other, up close
Sometimes fighting each other, sometimes fighting the world
Together, we made a family
Together, we raised them to find thier own way.

Living in the high lonely,
Though we owned nothing lovely
We lived free
And we loved

I'd partner with her anytime
But we were only blessed with 30 years
Still I guess, I guess we were lucky
Nobody can take that away

And I remember I usually forgot Valentines Day!

Para Driver
February 07, 2003, 20:24
Mrs. Para qualifies with MY LW Commander 45ACP, and shoots 235+ out of 250, thereby embarrassing the macho men with their Glock 9mm whizbangers.
And she NEVER touched a gun before I met her. 5 lessons later and she's lethal enough to bring a tear to your eye.

Got her to try a AR-15 shorty recently, that went okay. No great love there yet, but she put 20 holes in the paper offhand at 25 yards.

February 07, 2003, 21:26
M90A1--I loves the opera, so last month my wife and I went to see La Boheme. I got all scrubbed up, put on my tux, even combed my hair. As we were sitting there waiting for the curtain to go up I noticed my cologne wasn't strong enough. The fumes from my Springfield Ultra Compact V10 (uncleaned for a couple of seasons) nestled comfortably under my left arm were wafting up and covering my Paul Sabastiani high dollar perfume. My wife nudges me and says, "are you packin?" Then she says, "Excuse me, but is that Hoppe #9 you're wearing?" We both had a laugh, then enjoyed Rodolpho and Mimi.

February 08, 2003, 00:19
My wife isn't into shooting very much, she will go ocassionally just to pacify me. She does however, accept my love for firearms and doesn't interfere with my habit unless I go overboard on spending. She usually buys gun related things for gifts to me, including FAL kits so I can't complain too much. I do wish she'd spend the time and effort to learn to defend herself better if I'm not around someday. Her favorite gun? A Mossberg 12 guage 18" with a Pachmayr Vindicator pistol grip. This stays in a silicone treated gun sock under her side of the bed, loaded with tactical 00 buckshot. I do pity the individual that crashes in on her!

Tim McBride
February 08, 2003, 00:49
Mine is halfway into the hobby. SHe is firmly pro-gun but is not a big time target shooter. The only complaint I get from her is over the cost; probally why I've been 3 years on waiting to buy a FAL. Hopefully this year..........


February 08, 2003, 00:51
Nope and NOPE!
Ex wife of many years ago was pretty tolerant of my hobby. Enough such that the day she was working as a bank teller and had a pistol jammed in her face she could identify the weapon. She was never a shooter, shopping was her downfall.
Ex girlfriend was afraid of any handgun and always wanted to know why I felt the need to carry concealed. I should have known since she was from CA.

Dr. Nick Riviera
February 08, 2003, 01:06
Yeah she's my partner and a helluva shot also.
She cleans her own SKS, P-89 and P-11.
When it comes to new stuff she would rather I just get it than lay out details. If we need it , so be it.
It has been awhile but we used to do house clearence drills also
and she is cool to my local freaks. It would be better if her folks were rich or owned a liquor store but I love her:wink:

February 08, 2003, 03:04
She's pretty supportive for the most part. She did learn to shoot my 357SIG with the justification that if it was going to be in the house, she wanted to know how to use it. Then she got to try a 22, and hasn't shot anything bigger since. She's not terribly interested in going to the range.

The only negative I get from her is when i come to bed reeking of tung oil or when she is cleaning up and comes into the room carrying 5 riflestocks in various stages of refinishing from throughout the house. I get the big sigh for that.

February 08, 2003, 04:40
Taught my ex wife how to shoot, had her own S&W pre-treason ladysmith, Rossi .357, and a CCW to carry, also had a marlin model 70 and shot the DCM for her Garand, she used my buddy's AR-15 to qualify. She was a citygirl and after we diviorced she sold her pistols and the marlin, I was smart and held out for the Garand! (I got a gun for my wife...it's the BEST TRADE I EVER MADE!):tongue:

My Wife now I've known sice she was 15 and we were in highschool, Her Dad worked for a well know gun manufacterer all of her life so guns were a part of literally putting food on their table. Guns to her family were like a hammer or screwdriver, just another tool that belonged in the house.

She shoots with me anytime the urge hits her, and our 6 year old daughter loves shooting her brother's bb guns, she's also been shooting the .22 for a year now.

My Dad and Mom both shoot, and when they go to Florida, they attend the monthly MG shoots at their local range down there! Yep, I've got pictures of my retirement age Mom shooting UZI's , 1928 Thompsons, etc...Someday I'll get my wife to go to Fl the weekend they have that shoot and she'll see why everyone in the family has a smile ear to ear for two weeks straight after a day on the MG range!

February 08, 2003, 05:31
I've got a partner.

She has a S&W 9mm and a SKS that I built special for her. Toughest thing that I have faced is getting her to us the 22 mag to shoot groundhogs out of the garden, rather then her S&W. Told her this is not sport, not self defense, one shot one kill. She cleaned them out.


February 08, 2003, 07:23
I must say that takeing women out shooting for the first time is a blast if done right. Even though I am married now I still get the occasional female friend asking to go shooting again. We always start with a little range safey lesson and then 22 cal pistol or rifle which ever we are shootig that day. This is just to build confidence and teach sight picture. Then pull out the cool stuff and watch their eyes light up as thy start blazeing away. The really intresting thing about women and guns is that in my experience women from 3rd world countries tend to be very pro firearm. I have no idea why but that has been my experience.My buddy married a Russian woman that I going to take to the range soon and when I pulled out the AK47 she told me that in nurseing school they trained all the nurses on the AK47 in case of war. So it won't be her first time shooting but that was funny because her husband has never even fired a weapon and she was very in to it.