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February 06, 2003, 23:17
I've noticed that many member's profile states their birthdate as December 31, 1969. Could someone tell me the significance of this date? I'm just a bit puzzled. Thanks, Gary.

February 06, 2003, 23:21
Well if you don't know, WE certainly aren't going to tell...:D

February 06, 2003, 23:35
You haven't heard of the 12/31/69 club ?

LOL. It's a defualt setting.

February 07, 2003, 09:37
There was one helluva Spring Break Party, before we graduated in the Spring of 1969.

Lonny, DCHS Class of "69"


February 07, 2003, 09:48
I got married in December 1969. I certainly wouldn't consider it as a birth date. Especially not after 33 years of living it.(I admit a couple years might have been OK, don't tell the wife though)

February 07, 2003, 20:32
Oh, ok. Yeah, 12/31/69, I remember that New Year's Eve; her name was Cindy, the night was cold-she was not. Ah, the golden glow of a well-spent youth...thanks for the memories, Gary.:biggrin:

Gunga Din
February 07, 2003, 22:48
Posts #4 & 5.
(It's a bug.)

AR Thumper
February 08, 2003, 11:08
Yea!:rofl: 12/31/69:rofl: Those were the days my friend!!!!(I wish I could remember em'!!!!);) Thumper /FHS class of 69'

February 08, 2003, 18:59
In one of the Simpsons episodes, an old hippie says, "In a way the sixties ended when we sold that VW bus... December 31, 1969."

February 09, 2003, 10:37
Originally posted by limeyinaz


send your address I've got bills to pay :wink:


Now it is time for you to start supporting Dear Old Dad, in his declining years.

I take cash, Money Orders, and PayPal(+3%)

Your "Love-In" Father...

February 09, 2003, 13:17
There IS that, plus all of my sins have been on THIS side of the pond....

And EACH and every one accounted for....:biggrin: