View Full Version : Posted yesterday- "shooting_vol1.avi"?

January 31, 2003, 13:51
I grabbed this 38 MB file, tried to run it to see if I already had the right codec, which of course I didn't. So I back I went, only to find the post is gone. I tried searching, no can find not no where. Can someone tell me which codec is needed to see this thing? No big deal, but it looks like it might be kinda cool..

January 31, 2003, 14:15
thanks anyway y'all.

Gunga Din
January 31, 2003, 15:26
Don't give up after only 24 minutes. Heck, as of now only 19 people have viewed this thread.
Wait until tonight when beacoup more members are active.

January 31, 2003, 17:14
Aw man, the post subject title I put in didn't show. Excuse the newbieness. I found the codec. Kinda cool vid.

Derby FALs
February 01, 2003, 05:30
The Nimo Codec Pack 5.0 build 8 (http://download.com.com/3120-20-0.html?qt=Nimo+Codec+Pack&tg=dl-2001) fixed me up.