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January 27, 2001, 12:43
Went out to play with my baby{stg-58/federal mount/laser}.
Jammed (bad/shell in chamber-almost couldn't get open} on shell #3-gas=5.
Jammed on gas setting 2-4 {jammed so bad had to get help to open}.
Shot at #1/2; works, but had some shells not fully ejecting.

This gun has a total of 8 mags through it. No problems from disassemble.
Do I have a problem that needs to be looked at?
It needs to work EVERY time.Thank you f/ your advice.

January 27, 2001, 12:53
Remove the Federal mount, install the original bodycover, and try again. Your mount's components may be dragging on the bolt carrier.

Report back.

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E.M. (Ted) Dannemiller II

January 27, 2001, 13:01
I was thinking that.It seems to work fine when I cycle the gun.
Would I have to grind down the screws?
It's a nice mount (f/$), has a gap on charge handle (reciever/mount) that get's my left hand. Removed a large chunk of meat.


January 28, 2001, 11:53
Cycling may not duplicate the dynamics the bolt carrier undergoes in recoil. Swap body covers and see what happens. Inspect the carrier VERY closely for evidence of scuffs. Even minor contact will change the dwell time, and the cycle will change.

Have you checked the headspace?

Is the piston out-of-true?

We'll keep plugging away.

1*.....Train Like You Fight: Second Place is NOT an Option.

E.M. (Ted) Dannemiller II

January 28, 2001, 12:47
I removed to mount,like you said.
Take time to shoot(live in Phoenix {long way to range run by the state}/wife think's I'm obsessed/friends think I'm a nut}.
Looked at mount cover & bolt.Screws looked ok. Bolt top(?) didn't have any scrapes. Only some light marks w/ shells came out.

Everything I know is f/ this board.
I know something about headspacing. This is a new gun (120 rounds); not a kit. Do you take in new (completed) guns to be checked?
Pulled out gas piston [learned f/ board];though I don't have a one piece gas tube, the piston looks new and not bent.
I don't know alot about the gas piston, besides use and operation. I'm sure that would be imformation myself and others would like to know.
It may have to go in. Could anyone suggest a smith that could help me out in AZ?

I do appreciate any help you could supply.


January 28, 2001, 18:21
How far do you want to drive? Arizona Response Systems (ARS) in Phoenix. Or Arizona Expert Arms (AZEXARMS) in Flag. Both are popular FAL smiths/builders that hang out on this board a lot.

January 28, 2001, 19:39
Unload gun.

Remove handguards.

Remove gas plug.

Remove piston and spring.

Inspect gas tube.

Is it loose where it mounts to the gas block?

If loose correct by soldering.

Reinstall piston WITHOUT spring.

Tip rifle end-to-end.

Does the piston slide freely?

If not, correct cause of binding.