View Full Version : unsubscribing to threads......

August 06, 2002, 12:07

In "user cp", you can delete your subscribed threads one at a time, which kicks you out of that page and back to the main page or you can unsubscribe to all.
Can you add an option that would have a "check box", so you can pick more than one, but not all?
Or make it so when you unsubscribe to one, it takes you back to that "user cp" page, so you can continue to unsubscribe to others?


August 06, 2002, 13:16
Yeah, that should be doable.

I'll look at the code sometime in the next few days.

August 06, 2002, 13:20
Thanks Jen! :whiskey: plus Coke for you! :biggrin: