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November 09, 2000, 11:53
Entreprise Arms will donate money from each custom shop assembly to the falfiles. Here's how it will work. Specify you are on the falfiles and are building a rifle to help support the board. For every assembly service done, we will send $30.00 to the falfiles. For every assembly done with blueing or parkerizing, we will donate $50.00 to the falfiles. All kits received by the end of December are eligible. There are plans to continue some type of donation program next year and I will let everyone know. Please email me any questions you might have.

November 09, 2000, 13:21
thx lawrence.........nice

November 09, 2000, 13:29
Thanks Lawrence / Entreprise. As usual you've jumped in to help support the site and it is greatly appreciated.


November 09, 2000, 23:16
Thanks I`ll see you tuesday, You still have those imbel rec.?

November 10, 2000, 08:16
Lawrence- MANY thanks!

Stand firm, too!

PS- have you considered trying to get a MAJOR sight manufacturer (Trijicon, PT) to make night sights. A little commercial whupass would help our cause. Your customer base, the FAL Files are 1500+: we amy now have more economic clout.


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