View Full Version : Can we view the trash files?

August 02, 2002, 17:18
I miss all the nasty things said about me, I'd like to be able to read them over and over at leisure. Can we have a section called the TRASH FILES that's read only?

August 02, 2002, 17:27
If we let anybody in there, we aren't allowed to let them out.

FAL Hawaii
August 04, 2002, 06:25
I posted my car on a thread. Somebody threw my car in the trash or It's just as bad as looking for the car in a parking lot full of cursed SUV's. I know!!! All the world problems are caused by SUV drivers. I bet the person deleting the hotrod thread is a SUV driver. He probably was the last SUV driver who parked beside my car to hide. AGHHHH!!!!!! This is descrimination and harrassment by pshyco SUVers. Gads I hope it wasn't really deleted by a SUV driver or I'm really up the creek for being right.

August 04, 2002, 10:49
FAL: I searched the trash can, and the image you are talking about isn't there. None of the posts you made that are in the trash can have any images in them.

FAL Hawaii
August 04, 2002, 22:16
No problem. I'm still happy I figured out it's the overabundance of SUV vehicles that's causing even my lincoln to hide from time to time in parking lots. I hope I'm not being too abusive rambling on about SUV's especially if anyone out there drives one. Last night I just noticed a section specificly for conspiracy threads for guys and gals to play nutso or voice opinions. The files are prety apealing for a wide assortment of relaxing.