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November 01, 2000, 04:07
I have found several pictures of origanal t48s, but none of them are very good. bad angles, grainy. I read that they were inch guns. from the pic. I found they look like they have inch bbl. and metric triger gaurd, pistol grip and stock. a canadian style top cover, reciver unknown. controls unknown. any body know? any good pic of origanal gun, not metric mockup.

Farmer from Hell
November 01, 2000, 09:23
H+R made almost all of the T48's. They were inch and mostly a copy of the Canadian rifles. The trigger guard was different as to allow the user to shoot while wearing winter gloves. Luxemburg is the only other country to have this trigger guard. If you can stand the price Blake Stevens book has a good bit on the T48 and all FAL's for that matter and is indispensable.


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Mr pogo
November 01, 2000, 15:05
Actually FN made the most T48s. They supplied the first 3303 T48s under contract in both light and heavy barrel models. Metric of course. H&R made 500 and High Standard 13 inch T48s.

November 01, 2000, 22:49
now I'm confused, some metric some inch same as canadian config exept triger gaurd?
any body got a picture? bolth would be nice for comparison.

Mr pogo
November 02, 2000, 04:54
A little history- FN made trial rifles for various countries, England, Canada, US etc. These were all metric. In the case of Canada, the FN trial rifles were called the EX-1 model aka "Fal Canada". Metric, remember this. Once Canada adopted the Fal they converted it to inch and manufactured it as the C1. Inch, got it? So then US ordered the T48 trial rifles from FN, they were metric and most were of the "Fal Canada" type. Metric as above. I do believe they were issued with the T48 trigger guard tho. The rest were of the classic T48 config as per the pic, 200 of these were heavy barrel models. The distinctive handguards were first used on the early Fals before the wrap around handguards were designed, the Israeli handguards are a variation of the original handguards. Anyways, US contracted out to H&R and High Standard to make T48s to validate US manufacturing of the Fal. The drawings were converted to inch with help from Canada and so are of the inch pursuasion. They differ in details like cocking handle and handguards from the FN T48s. This is just a brief overview to keep it short, youd have to get Blake Stevens book to get the whole story.


November 02, 2000, 08:35
Just be aware that there were several "T-48" configurations...; US Army 1955 training manual shows T-48 with wooden furniture, front sling swivel in mid-handguard position,
plain barrel, round cocking handle and semi-only...in fact, except for that front sling swivel position, it looks like a regular metric! The 'real' T-48's had that squarish trigger guard, charging guide top cover and the old-type handguards, as per the pics above... http://www.fnfal.com/forums/biggrin.gif

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November 02, 2000, 09:59
How about this?


More pics can be found here: http://albums.photopoint.com/j/AlbumIndex?u=1137855&a=8893536

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November 02, 2000, 13:54
Interesting: Buttstock to TMH is metric configuration. What a mongrel. Too bad we bought the M14, despite it's reputation for accuracy.

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Mr pogo
November 02, 2000, 15:32
Yo Ted! Actually all the Fals from this era, inch or metric, had the now obsolete type A buttstock. It wasnt until late 50s the Commonwealth countries Rifle Steering Committee ordered changes that the inch Fals started to differ from the FN original.

November 02, 2000, 20:41
Monsieur Pogo!

You never cease to amaze me at the depth and breadth of your knowledge.



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November 02, 2000, 21:15
From Small Arms of the World.

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November 03, 2000, 02:07
Does anyone know if it used a breeching washer like othe commonwealth guns?