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October 19, 2000, 07:32
OK, enough of this Sasquatch and other stuff. Bandwidth is too valuable for re-initiating speculative derision regarding GP, Sasquatch, RRotz, EMDII (I'm a closet mouse-gunner!) or others. Cease and desist immediately, Please.

Drop the profanity, period. This is an OPEN Board. Keep your mouths closed and be thought a fool, rather than opening it and be known for one. Profanity and personal ichor have NO place here.

Honest debate and sincere issue discussions belong here. Factual criticism is OK, innuendo and speculation are not. Vendetta is a two edged sword, best served, IIRC, cold. Take it OFF Board.

I'm deleting several threads regarding issues of this type.


1*.....Train Like You Fight: Second Place is NOT an Option.

E.M. (Ted) Dannemiller II

October 19, 2000, 07:53

October 19, 2000, 07:56
i'll comply, sir!

October 19, 2000, 08:07
EMDII - thanks for clearing the decks of guano. Now, children - go to your rooms (you know who you are) http://www.fnfal.com/forums/wink.gif

October 19, 2000, 08:08
EMDII - thanks for clearing the decks of guano. Now, children - go to your rooms (you know who you are) http://www.fnfal.com/forums/wink.gif

October 19, 2000, 08:09
As i agree with you on the threads which you have put an end to i must speak up for the fact that the other board members that use ( from time to time) four letter words to emphasize what they are trying to get across is not against the fal files policy. It was Jen herself if my memory is correct that said in a reply to a member that using colorful ditties was up to the individual. Oh and by the way, IM BACKKKKKKKKKK. RATS

October 19, 2000, 09:59
Thank you Ted.

October 19, 2000, 10:10
Now that's why this board rocks. Thanks EMDII http://www.fnfal.com/forums/biggrin.gif

who me?
October 19, 2000, 12:21
Hmmm who gets to play god here ted? Do we censor EVERYONE or just a selected few? Picking and choosing who and what gets to be said is a very tricky subject. I think if anything its nice to see some new people on here, i mean this board compared to others is pretty dead, except for recycled posts. We may not always agree with other's opinions,but i think everyone has a right to speak. And by the way some long time people here have made their own beds concerning replys.

October 19, 2000, 12:27
Censorship or not, I'm not sure how anyone could find any value in what was posted. There just wasn't anything there. Had there been some sort of debate or dialogue, you might have a point.

The right to an opinion doesn't excuse you from showing some decency and respect.

================================================== =====

Ted, some forums have a posting guideline that spells out things such as a code of conduct. Is it becoming necessary to have one for this forum?

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October 19, 2000, 12:28
BP- I won't flame. And it's not about disagreement. It's about respect. WE (me included) must respect our differences, as much as we are together because of our common interest. I respect, and will fight for, your right to express yourself. But I am compelled by my sense of dignity and mutual respect to trim some things.


I'm not censoring anyone. I will act in a way I believe makes the board a place we can share dumb questions, opinions, and experiences, w/o it becoming a verbal shooting gallery. This ain't no place for tongue karate.

But thanks for your input.

1*.....Train Like You Fight: Second Place is NOT an Option.

E.M. (Ted) Dannemiller II

October 19, 2000, 12:46
Stop crying about censorship. I don't remember the constitution saying that we all have a right to say ^(@&^$) you mothe&%(*@!! on internet message boards. Repeat after me... I do not have the right to internet chat rooms. I am not a beautiful and unique snowflake!

Grow up. If you can only argue with profanity then you should probably face the fact that you are a moron.


October 19, 2000, 13:14
Barley Pop, are you trying to tell me you don't understand what I'm saying? Please tell me you understand the difference between replies and statements versus childish name calling, rips, and digs.

There's a huge difference between saying "Barley Pop, I don't agree with xxxxxxx" as opposed to saying "Barley Pop, you're a freakin' xxxxxx."

(For the record, I don't think you're anything other than another FAL enthusiast who posts on a moderated discussion board)

================================================== =====

Barley Pop, one thing I'm fond of saying is that it's good to know where you stand. And it's also good to know where someone else stands. So, as you say, it's sometimes good for little flame wars to show where some people stand. But what happens when it turns into a big, nasty conflagaration? Is that something you like to see?

(Our posts are crossing.... Okay, point taken but what if it doesn't stop? At some point we have to say enough is enough)

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October 19, 2000, 15:03
BARLEY POP, I wasn't calling you a moron and I do not think you are under the impression that you are a beautiful and unique snowflake either. ( I nicked that from Fight Club. Although there is a lot of Marx in it there is also some good stuff.) RRotz, Jerrod, or whatever his name is seems to be the prime example of the pottty mouth on the board although sometimes he is really funny.


Smooth Operator1
October 19, 2000, 15:03

This is a moderated board for a reason. IF
you look at the agreement when you register;

You agree not to flame, make false statements,harrass, ect.

Sascroth attacked Double G, George Gouger, with no foundation. He had not done business with Double G at all, and continued to make snide remarks with nothing but B.S.

Out of almost 1,300 members, I guess one baseless troll attack is great odds.

When no one else attacked Double G, he went to other baseless B.S.

I noticed you had no free speech comment when flamethrower and hotmail were banned by Mz Jen, did you ? No rushing to their defense. Flamethrower had just one post and was gone forever, where were you then BP ?

Those are your shooting buddy's, thats right.
So it's only O.K. if there not your friends ?
Seems you have a baised opinion here.

I hope Double G stays on board, everyone here
seems very happy with his work, I have two I am going to send his way. Through out all the
B.S. threads he remained a gentleman.

October 19, 2000, 15:54
I think we've made our point, and I appreciate everyone's comments. Let's treat everyone here w/ a respect.

Drop out of zone 5, into military cruise, and enjoy the scenery from your vantage points. If you go down in the weeds, you'll get nailed by the proverbial golden BB.

We have nearly 1300 members. MOST don't know my face, my habits, and my liquor or my wife. Still, I choose to associate here because we share a unique passion. SO let's make this a place you would take your son or grandson. Teach them that honest disagreement is a fundamental liberty, and that open discussion is the key to learning and growing.

New sheet of paper.

Remember, your integrity and honor are the only things someone can't take from you. So don't give them up for the momentary pleasure of using a flamethrower. I've been there, and regretted it shortly after I hit the send button.

Enough of my sophistry.

Respectfully to all-
You have been moderated.

1*.....Train Like You Fight: Second Place is NOT an Option.

E.M. (Ted) Dannemiller II

October 19, 2000, 17:23
sorry about the potty mouth guys, just call me "the one with the golden tongue"

October 19, 2000, 18:10
Due to my delicate nature, I feel I must say I am offended by the term (BS). Oh my! Sorry I must go now I feel the vapors coming on.

October 19, 2000, 18:18
I pesonoally don't feel like a well thought paragraph has been made unless there is one potty mouth/ cussword/ swearing contained within!

Ted, Please lighten up a little. Glad you locked a couple posts, but you know these things burn out and you have plenty of "band width" and it makes for interesting reading.

October 19, 2000, 21:51

October 19, 2000, 22:29
Squawsnatch: Hey man, cut back on the caffeine........ If you don't your gonna blow a o-ring.

October 19, 2000, 22:41
Please Mr, sasquatch, cna I live in your New World Order? After all, I'm white, heterosexual, and male. Three out of four isn't bad is it?

I have spina bifida, but I only had ONE kid. And he was healthy I swear! I promise I won't have any more.

Maybe we can go to Yugoslavia, I hear they need a new leader for their "Ethnic Cleansing"

Should I bring my own white sheet??


"There are no 'Dangerous Weapons', only 'Dangerous Men.'"-Sergeant Zim-

October 19, 2000, 23:39

Interesting thread, but can we try to keep the posts FAL related http://www.fnfal.com/forums/biggrin.gif.

Smooth Operator,
Whats up with the BP post? BP has been a member of the FAL files for quite sometime and I am shure understands the rules with no input from you. You have no idea of the history of the flamethrower post."Keep your mouths closed and be thought a fool, rather than opening it and be known for one.

As far as Sascrotch goes,
Does this mean if I have a adopted black daughter that I am not welcome by you to post on the board?......You are the definition of trailer trash.



(Sorry Ted)

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October 20, 2000, 00:04
hey lonny! you're not still mad at me are you? you didn't reply to my email! write me back and let me know things are still cool between us.

sascrotch, GET BENT!

ted, sorry for the potty mouth.

aug, WASSUP!

barley pop! WHOZ DA MAN? U BE!

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October 20, 2000, 00:11

Although I can definitely understand your anger toward the decline of morality in our society, I'm stumped as to how 'ethnic cleansing' could possibly be considered the
solution? Aren't the lawmakers that are passing all of these b.s. laws that infringe on our freedoms predominately WHAMS? If there
are any kids reading this, I hope they aren't
a minority and don't know what ethnic cleansing is. Swearing is far less damaging
to there impressionable minds.

October 20, 2000, 00:17
What any of this has to do with sasquatches apparant hatred of anyone who spends more than $500 for an FAL variant is beyond me. But then again, I'm not a "WHAM" so I can't be expected to understand these things.

Smooth Operator1
October 20, 2000, 01:54

Now what does all your rambling B.S. have to do with anything about what your being called
on ? Take lessons from your CIC Clinton ?
When the heats on, put it somewhere else,blame others, make counter accusations.

To Augdog; I meant no offense to BP, and I hope he did not take any. Just trying to
point out some fairness, thats all.
I see you post MAC-SOG. I was RVN ' 68, ' 69
and back in '71. Laf, Bennie and Mike were there running the show. We may have former
running mates. I have been lurking / LRRP'ing the FAL boards from the UKC, to the FAL Assoc to the old board, and now here.I am well aware whom everyone is.
I have always had to use some others systems,now I have my own, and home for a change.Sorry if I offended eithier of you.

As to Sascrotch, your actions are not the same as I have seen from Marines in my 32 years of active duty. All were honorable,
professional and had integrity,none of the aspects you seem to have. I can't see you wearing the Globe & Anchor.

You are a biggot and a true POS. Each thread you post just reaffirms it to all.

October 20, 2000, 04:50
please, excuse me guys but our sascrotch here has a pretty high opinion of himself and it sounds like he has a lot of big, progressive ideas. thanks sassy, because of your help, i now know my place in society. it is to serve all WHAM's who have crack whore 58's.

sorry to have to break it to you sas, but your opinions stink. they may not be any better then the rest of us but yours are particularly bitter and ignorant. i hope you have a shitty birthday and i hope you get your ass kicked by a large hawaiian for dessert. sweatycrotch, i want you to choke on your own smug, gittyness!

mark s. it's not fair to compare your kids bloodlines to sascrotch's pure "american" blood. sasquatch is subhuman and incapable of distinction, honor or dignity. he is UN-American, the epitomy of ignorance and cowardice. if sascrotch is serious about his ethnic cleansing proposal, i invite him to come clean my house first. here's a challenge you wouldn't surely refuse, eh sassy? sturm let you off way too easy, now that you show your true colors......oh, i forgot, that's what you want to eliminate, eh sassy?

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October 20, 2000, 06:57

October 20, 2000, 06:58

cvl engr
October 20, 2000, 08:41
wtf is kjuyfltd ??

October 20, 2000, 08:57
I didn't see anything overtly white supremist in that posting. Of course, it's still irrelevant to the discussion: sasquatch's apparant disdain/hatred for people who spend more than what he deems necessary. A secondary point is his apparant need to express his views in ways that insult or deride other forum members.

Wonder what he thinks of people who buy high-end automobiles.....

================================================== =====

Damn... Guess I shouldn't post when I'm half asleep. Thanks for the recap, RRotz. I read sasquatch's post again and saw the genocide reference. I prefer to think of it as genocide rather than "ethnic cleansing" because there's nothing clean about it. "Ethnic cleansing" my ass! It's killing someone different from you for the sole reason that they're different.

So sasquatch, want to "cleanse" me too?

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October 20, 2000, 09:17
Sas, you seem to really not understand the FACT that there is a difference between the $550 FAL built by Century and the $1000 FAL built by the smiths who frequent this board. It's the difference between good and good enough, the difference between there and almost there, the difference between two restored automobiles, one reassembled on the cheap and the other painstakingly restored to original or better...

Someday you'll get it...

October 20, 2000, 09:59
No Kranz,
This animal who calls himself Sasquatch will NEVER get it. He's been on this earth long enough to know the effect he has on people, and yet he seems to be no more adept at being even slightly congenial, than he was when he was getting his rear end beat while in the Marine Corps.
It's to no one's advantage to humor a guy like him. He's so incredibly dense, he has to be be repeatedly slapped, figuratively or literally to remind him how socially repugnant his actions are.

October 20, 2000, 10:52
He's an idiot. Who cares if he owns $300 rifles and flames away about it. And who cares if you own $3000 rifles and have to get your 2 cents in. It doesn't matter.

You think the Antis care how much our FALs cost us? They want them all. And they're UNITED. We're not. So by all means, let's keep bickering like titty-babies about NOTHING instead of putting our efforts toward spreading the word about these rifles. Spreading the knowledge makes more FAL owners, which creates a better market for products, lowers prices, and makes our political voice more potent. Think that doesn't matter? We will have to fight to keep these things within the next 10 years.
Strength in numbers. Let's get everybody on the trolley here. Every post that says, "Hey Sas, you blow" is one that ignores some new guy on the General forum asking how to get started.

We're all supposed to be brothers and sisters here. Let's act like it. This bickering will drive newbies away from the board and turn them off to learning about the FAL in general, because this is THE place to learn it all. It takes so much time, effort and knowledge to get thru through all the roadblocks in owning one of these rifles and being legal. At first, after learning of all the BS involved, (all the bans, the hassle of having to buy parts from 4 different places, having to get them assembled, questionable quality of Centurys) I almost dropped the idea of getting involved with these rifles. How glad I am that I persevered. But every tiny bit of hassle that gets in a newbie's way is one more reason for them to forget the idea altogether. Sifting through all this bickering just to get some info is a sure-fire way to add to the hassle.

The moderator should delete any post he/she believes is made only for the purpose of inflaming or pissing-off. This ain't no goddam city council meeting, it's a private forum. I say let the moderators pull the weeds to preserve the garden.

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October 20, 2000, 10:58

I was about to post the exact same thing. Save this hostility and squabiling for the Antis

October 20, 2000, 11:39
Ironically, I think THIS thread is going to be deleted! lol.

Remeber the IFD and how that was destroyed by internal sniping and flame wars? I think we want to prevent that. If you want unmoderated free on line message boards-pay for it yourself. You have a right to say what you want-but say it on your own nickle. Jen pays for this board, not you (or you, or you....). We are guests here, when all is said and done.
If I want an unmoderated free for all, I'll got to Bowers boards (where I hang out, too).

EMDII, can I quote Oprah? "You go, girl!" <;^) Don't let this board die a death of a thousand cuts.


October 20, 2000, 13:38

I'm a special ed teacher, so I'm used to looking for any glimmer of hope that someone will finally get it...

October 20, 2000, 16:52
Makes me sick. Makes me crave a breakdown in society to do a little "ethnic cleansing".

uuuhhh, forgive me if this quote is not from your post. typical expression from a passive-aggressive, manic depressant. i have no idea what it means but sounds like you anyway.

And my point is....We can't apply other invading culture crap to eachother. this "diversity", "acceptance", "fairness aganda" crap. We can't limit our opinions or sacrifice our beliefs to anyone.

aren't these qualities things you want to at least try to instill in all children regardless of "culture".

Please don't loose sight of the FACT that most of us are "White, Heterosexual, Able-bodied, Males", thats WHAM for short. Our culture is under attack, our freedom of religion, speech, defense, its all up for grabs. I say this because it is something I think about everyday, every time I buy a case of ammo.

this isn't ak47.net, where all the skinheads want chinese ak's, this is the FALFILES where people of all colors and nationalities talk about FAL's. the "White, Hetero, Able, Male" culture is NOT under attack, don't be stupid. if you can't advance in life on your own without blaming everyone else except "white males" that's your fault, not mine or the rest of the board.

sorry to have to pick apart your post like that and explain your ignorance. you're a smeghead!

October 20, 2000, 17:36
So you want restrictions on freedom of speech? And ethnic cleansing? Way to go, Slobodan Milosasqatch. You're talking like the thought police.

Either you believe in freedom, or you don't. Anything else is just watering down the whiskey. - Somebody

Originally posted by sasquatch:
But free speech needs restraints when it goes against the fabric of our society.

October 20, 2000, 18:57
HEY COME ON LETS HIT A HUNDRED POSTS WITH THIS ONE - I KNOW WE CAN DO IT--------- http://www.fnfal.com/forums/biggrin.gif

October 20, 2000, 19:11
Yeah, I second what RRotz said.

Strange, but I have yet to disagree with RRotz. http://www.fnfal.com/forums/confused.gif



"One man with courage makes a majority."

Smooth Operator1
October 20, 2000, 19:29

You must be the only person, in all branchs of the service to have had a "Whites Only"
canteen or water bladder.

It is a good thing you never went to war with that attitude, you would have been SOL.

Then again, you may have been enlightend.

I would be a tainted man to you. I have shared my water,food,shelter,blood and ammo with just about every race,creed,color,nationality and religion there is in Uncle Sam's Army.

Moron's like you would have made George Wallace proud.Then even he said he was wrong and had changed his mind. Nearing death will change one's thinking profoundly.

Your B.S. rambling's are in print, hard to take them back. So please don't waste your breath, you are as dumb as you look.


October 20, 2000, 20:40
I got my DSA Medium Contour chrome/moly about a month ago. I spent an extra $75.00 for some Smith rings, $100.00 for some free-floating handguards, $500.00 for a Kahles 6x42 scope (retail >$1000.00), and a five round hunting magazine for around $25.00. I'll spend about $75-120 for a bipod, eventually.

I shoot factory Federal loads only--180 grain softpoints, to be exact; around $12.00/box. Within the first 20 rounds loading and ejecting manually, I had a 100-yard five shot center-to-center group that measured 1.6" vertically, .75" horizontally. The three rounds at the bottom of the group were touching one another; the top two also touched. I'm sure with some custom reloads she will be sub-MOA if I get better on my breath and trigger control.

I am sasquatch's nightmare, I suppose...

October 20, 2000, 22:26
yep thats what im talking about

October 21, 2000, 02:01
Anyone that's read my rants about my 4 month ordeal with CAI (and it still goes on) knows my opinion. Sas can have his CW, more power to him. When I finally get my replacement it gets a total rebuild and refinish.

I'm a long time regular on JR Cigar board, and we've had lots of flame wars over there. One thing that worked, at least for a while with the regulars was something we called "invoking the oath". We made an oath to ignore the trolls, and when things started getting a little hot someone invoked the oath and the flame war stopped. A really funny thing happened, when nobody responded to the trolls, they just went away.

April 04, 2010, 22:14

Got bored, was going back through posts from way back in the day,before my time here even started.
Seems even back in the 'ole days there was name callin' and such. Except it seems it was dealt with in a different way.

Gunner.... time traveler

April 04, 2010, 22:26
Originally posted by gunner30

Got bored, was going back through posts from way back in the day,before my time here even started.
Seems even back in the 'ole days there was name callin' and such. Except it seems it was dealt with in a different way.

Gunner.... time traveler

You shoulda seen it on the old boards... :beer:

April 05, 2010, 12:40
Man, I thought Ted was back!

April 05, 2010, 20:56
Nope.. justme pulling your leg with a real blast from the past......

Jon Frum
April 06, 2010, 16:49
I miss Ted, he used to shoot at the RBGC shoot with us too.

April 06, 2010, 21:24
Yeah. I thought Ted was back as well.

I miss Ted. :(