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mr fixit
July 06, 2002, 20:28
Avatar that is...
When I set an avatar from my computer, it (FALFiles) tells me the image is too big. Is there some way to shrink an image to fit? Any help would be great, but please speak english, point and click is about as techie as I get.

July 06, 2002, 20:49
if u have not contributed to the site you can only get 50x50 pixel image and under a certain file size if u want to attach it to an e-mail and send it to raventai@yahoo.com I can resize it with photoshop and change it to .gif to keep the its file size low, I am going to work soon but could have it back to you sometime tomoro

mr fixit
July 06, 2002, 21:33
Thanks Raventai./
Check E-mail

Double G Gunsmithing
July 13, 2002, 20:02
Thats NOT what she said...

but we won't ell anybody else :shades:

Just fun'nin ya :)

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