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July 03, 2002, 12:11
about half of the time I go to the forums I get a request for my name and p/w. I have logged on in the AM. for instance, and have the site recognize a cookie identifying me. I log on again in the PM and get asked to login.
Yesterday, I logged in twice automatically. This time I had to give user name and p/w. Wazzup?


July 03, 2002, 14:03
I'm not really sure.

Please confirm what operating system and browser (with versions) you are experiencing the problems with.

July 04, 2002, 13:59
I am using WinXP, and the browser is Opera, but that shouldn't make a difference, as Opera is designed to be IE compatible as one of its options. Further, it has been working both before and after the changeover of the board.
BTW, no auto-login today or yesterday.:]


Autologin worked this AM.:eek: