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Brian S
June 28, 2002, 18:20
I am seriously considering my next firearm/toy purchase to be a title II. I have had this question running around in my head for a while....

When you have a supressor attached to a rifle, lets use .308 as an example, does the supressor overheat or start to malfunction the more you shoot through it? Can you sustain any rate of fire without problems or do you have to let it cool off? I think I remember reading about a new silencer a few years ago that was for 9mm and it stated that you had to put some grease or water in it after 15 rounds or so, I guess this was called a wet can. Do you do the same for a .308 or is this a totally different animal? How quiet can you get a .308 with standard ammo? Must you use heavy bullet slow loads for best supressor performance?

Last, how are supressors attached these days? Still screw on, or do they have quick detach types available?

Brian S.

June 28, 2002, 19:45
Unless you use sub sonic loads you're still going to get the sonic crack. The only other thing is that a sound suppressor is considered a flash hider and thus subject to 922r. Unless you wait till 2004 for 922r and the rest of the AW ban to sunset, you are going to need a preban reciever! HTH

June 28, 2002, 20:54
a few answers to your questions.
the suppressors for rifles are made with stainless steel baffles. thy have no problems with performance as they heat up but you wouln't want to wrap your hand around after putting a fresh mag through it. pistol suppressors on the other hand are made with Aluminum baffles which are cheaper to make but can't withstand the high pressures of rifles. thus, you can't interchange.

th wet cans you are thinking of are still available but are typically used for pistols. the muzzle blast from a rifle would make for quite a mess. the artifical environment (wet) cans are more effective b/c they cool/slow the gasses more than air. the same way a water cooled motorcycle runs cooler than an air cooled bike. the thing with the wet cans is that they are only good for a few shots before refilling. kinda a moot point when discussing rifle suppressors.

as stated before, you will still have th crack of the bullet breaking the sound barrier. it won't be hollywood quiet, but you could shoot without earplugs and do minimal damage to your hearing.

there is a company producing subsonic .308. that in combination with a bolt action (no gas escaping through the chamber when cycling) would make for a pretty quiet gun.

as for attaching. threading is the most common way, but three lug attaching is available. with that you only rotate 1/3 turn.

also as stated, you'd need to get a pre-ban b/c it's considered a flash hider. you could do a bolt gun which the ban doesn't apply to.

it's quite an investment, so you may want to listen to a few before choosing. also, be sure you can get the chief law enforcment sign off before getting too far in the process.

hope this help. if you ned help finding a dealer in your area, feel free to e-mail me.


edit: i would suggest picking up the latst copy of Small Arms Review. The whole issue is dedicated to suppressors.

Brian S
June 28, 2002, 22:41
Thanks so much for the reply. I was actually thinking of doing this to a post ban M1A which would be legal since it lacks a pistol grip but already has a flashider.