View Full Version : Inch Parts/Metric Receiver?

Southern Raider
June 27, 2002, 08:30
I have an Australian L1A1 kit that I'd like to assemble on a metric Imbel. I am reasonably sure this is possible, but wanted to check on possible issues. Anybody know of any?

Where's the best place to pick up an Imbel these days?


Harlan at FAC
June 27, 2002, 09:05
The barrel assembly will install with a timing washer, which is included in the kit.
Some accommodation will have to be made for the charging handle, the top cover, and the bolt hold open device.
An inch pattern charging handle assembly has a folding handle and is slightly thicker than a metric. The receiver can have a bit of metal removed to allow for the folding handle to lie flat. The stem of the charging handle can be thinned to fit in the receiver slot.
An inch top cover has tabs at the back, which the metric cover does not have. The receiver can be notched to made room for the tabs or the tabs can be removed from the cover.
The shaft of an inch bolt hold open is slightly larger in diameter than a metric bolt hold open. The hole in the ejector block can be slightly enlarged to fit the shaft or the shaft can be sanded to fit the hole.
A complete inch lower assembly will mate fine with an IMBEL receiver.

FAC has IMBEL receivers priced at $189, to the dealer.