View Full Version : Benelli Nova

June 27, 2002, 07:29
Anyone have any experience with this shotgun? Seems pretty low priced for a Benelli.

June 27, 2002, 09:02
Part of why it's cheaper is that it's a pump gun not a semi like the rest of benelli's product line. THere's a thread over at assault web under shotguns I think that's pretty good. The shotgun is pretty interesting as the action is sortov both pump and semi (that sounds confusing). The shotgun uses part of the recoil to twist and unlock the locking lugs leaving only an easy stroke back and front again to cycle the action. Most of the resistance is minimalized as you only need to push the bolt back and forth and not unlock it. THis system is quite faster than your normal pump (beit 870 or 500 etc.) I dont have one myself, but will eventually. Also has a fiberoptic front bead and provisions for a recoil system in the butt. geexze, im starting to sound like a benelli affiliate or something:p Just relaying what i've herd from many- tough, absolutely reliable, and built to last.

June 27, 2002, 09:38
My second job is selling guns part time at Dick's, and we sell alot of Novas. To date, none have come back, and every customer is very happy. It is a nicely priced 3.5" chambered gun. The only point I would make is that the forearm rattles a bit. Also, the steel receiver is imbedded in a polymer casing, and appears to not lend itself easily for scope mounting (popular turkey and deer gun around here), but I could be wrong.

June 27, 2002, 09:43
I have one, it is a very light weight shotgun although no major noticeable increase in recoil. I got the 18" rifle sights barrel. This is my home defense weapon, it is loaded with Federal #4 L.E. loads.

What Michon says is true, very fast cycling. A word of caution, it does not feed mini-shells. Plus, if it jams. It really jams! I was doing a lot of fast cycling shots with the mini's, most would not eject. When one half way ejected sideways, and I closed the bolt hard on it (crushing the plastic part of the shot shell between the bolt and chamber). The action got stuck. Really stuck. The bolt carrier seemed to come off its rails and something got wedged. I could not move the action at all. I had to take the barrel off, remove the trigger pins, give it a good "shaking" before it freed itself. I do not know what got wedged I couldn't figure out how to completely take it down, since the receiver is a steel/polymer combo.

IMHO, it is still a great buy at the $325 level. Just be careful with the jams and mini's.