View Full Version : WECSOG 20 into a 10?

June 26, 2002, 10:20
Is it possible to cut down a 20 round mag, using WECSOG technique, to a 10 round and have it function properly. What would the length be for a 10 rounder? You guessed it, I live in CA.

June 26, 2002, 11:23
[FONT=times new roman][B][I]Years ago, I tried the same thing with an M14 mag (back when you could get one for 5-bucks).
Not worth the trouble. Too much bending and tweaking. But then again, you can still get FAL mags for ten bucks each. What the hell...give it a try. All you'll loose is the ten bucks.

June 26, 2002, 11:53
DSA has both 5 and 10 rounders for sale. I'm not sure of the cost ($15 - $20 maybe), but you can bet it'll be cheaper than spending all day hacking one up in the garage only to throw it in the trash heap when done. Just my .02

June 26, 2002, 13:32

I, too, live in this Godforsaken hell hole.

A guy posting as Larry/FN, email larronda@springhill-online.net

will take a 20 and put on an extended follower and weld the floorplate on it for, I think, around $20, which is a great price compared to those $30+ shorty 10s and 5s.

Tell him Bill sent you, and that I'm still interested, but also still broke.

June 26, 2002, 14:53
Thanx Bill,

I live in So. Cal. near San Berdoo. I'm also looking for a FFL locally that doesn't charge a crap load. Any suggestions?

Thanx again.

June 26, 2002, 15:23
I'm in Fullerton.

If you want a FAL friendly FFL, ENTREPRISE in Irwindale, near 210 and 605 FWYs, is the only one I know of. They are handy only in that I like their product, and Lawrence is a nice guy. It's a long haul for me, worse for you, but that's what we've got.

For the regular stuff, I use ARM USA on State College, off the 91 in Anaheim.

June 26, 2002, 15:29
Instant mag plug:
Trim Budweiser can to form inner baseplate. Insert Budweiser-baseplate. Force newspaper into the mag until the Budweiser-baseplate rises to allow just 3 rounds to feed. Use of the mag will likely cause the mag to accept one or two more rounds.

June 26, 2002, 15:35
Nice, Gary, but where am I going to find an empty Bud can???

Could I trim a Coors long neck to fit?

June 26, 2002, 16:43
I just made a 5rounder .I cut it to 2-1/4 inches and copied the way the tabs were made at the bottom of the 20 rounder. When you cut it all out. Place the Mag in a vise and put in a solid piece of metal of some sort and bend the tabs over with enough clearance to slide the base plate back in......Took about a 1/2 hr.....With Dremel and hacksaw......You'll need to figure out the length for a 10rounder and spring length..........And BTW Leave it flat on the bottom........My 5 rounder is 2-1/4 inches long and it holds 5rounds exactly and feeds fine. I cut my spring to around 4 inches.......Good luck............Bob

June 26, 2002, 18:12
Ditto on the Coors Citadel!
I'll attempt a little WECSOG on this one. Thanx everyone!

June 26, 2002, 23:19
I had to try it too, I sacrificed a $5 inch mag to the WECSOG GOD. I cut at the 2 1/4" mark, but messed up while bending the tabs. I cut a little bit more off and succesfully bent the tabs :D The mag is abt 2" tall now. It is almost too short to fit in the magwell. I think I will try one with an angle cut like the original. This will give more to grab onto during reloads. I think one spring is long enough to make three mags.
here is a pic

June 26, 2002, 23:24
It feeds dummy rnds fine, and activates the BHO. Now I just need to take it to the range :D Here is what the insides look like

June 27, 2002, 07:35
The best advice I can give you is to move to Texas.......:p

June 27, 2002, 15:49
Symtex, you rubbin' my nose in it? Belive it or not there is some good here behind the curtain, it's just not w/guns. I've been thru Texas and all I remember is dodging armadillos.
I cut a 20 round down to 3 1/4 staight at the bottom and it seems to work fine. The tabs are the toughest part, but that's why they made the Dremmel.

June 27, 2002, 17:23
I tried making a 5 rnd with an angled bottom. It measures 2 1/4" at the front edge. It holds seven :( Oh well I can always cut it down again.

June 28, 2002, 16:52
Originally posted by jim1of6
I've been thru Texas and all I remember is dodging armadillos.

I bet they make good targets!! Varmints...armoured at that!! Anyone shoot them?

June 28, 2002, 17:58
Finally a REAL use for all that pulled .30 cal AP stuff out there!:D

June 28, 2002, 18:37
I just cut down a functional beater 20 rd into a functional beater 5 rd with hacksaw, Dremel, files and vise grip. Took almost an hour and only 2 beers.

Looks like it will work just fine.

November 12, 2002, 17:07
I think I'll just buy a 5rd from DSA in case I ever want to go hunting. :)

November 12, 2002, 18:24
My DSA 10 rounder is:

3.25" long at rear of mag
2.75 long at the front of the mag
making this a 10deg angle for the floor plate cut at bottom.
5" spring length

Should be an easy job to make it out of a 20 rounder:shades: . The problem is getting the 20 round mag shipped to you in Ca, Hi, Ma and NJ.

As for Texas just like any other state in the Union. There are good people and not so good people.:mad:

symtex is maybe like Ken Lay or the Houston ship channel water.
when asked a question the answer smells bad and means something else.:D