View Full Version : FSE HTS & HTD set? Harold or others...

June 25, 2002, 07:43
Yes, I know I could have emailed Harold, but others may want to know this information as well.

I have 3 sets of FSE fire control parts, 1 L1A1 and 2 single hook AK. I haven't used these yet, and I am curious about whether or not they are from the "bad batch" I hear about every now and then.


The 3 parts all have similar markings. All are marked "FSE", "USA", and have an "I" in what appears to be an italic font.

AK Single Hook:

Hammer: "FSE" over "USA" with a "3" at about 7:00
Trigger: "FSE" over "USA" with a "6" at about 7:00
Disconnector: "FSE" beside a "2" with a "USA" on the other side

Any information would be appreciated.

June 25, 2002, 09:20
Yes, you should've written Harold.

Until he indicates, this is only a list of what you have.

There have been several reports. Have you tried using the search feature? There are 22 'answers' to the criteria "FSAE AND Shinn" in G/BiY. Check them out: the answer may already exist.