View Full Version : off-topic gun pic ATI stock w/FR-8 action

Texas Jack
June 24, 2002, 14:21

This was an intersting project. The base gun is a Spanish FR-8 which is based on a long-action 98 mauser and chambered for .308. I had to grind-off the rear aperture sight and remove the front sight assembly prior to install in the ATI stock. Only thing I had to do to the stock was take a little material off of the front mount hole and then it fit great.

Here is a target that I shot with Hirtenberger ammo - the taped group just above was about average... I have since shot 1 3/8" groups with handloads and am still working on bullet seating depth to shrink em a little more...


The FR-8 and ATI stock came from Century Arms and were $139 and $65 respectively. The FR-8 was a "cracked stock" gun.

The scope is a Leupold 2x LER model intended for handguns - works great on a scout rifle!