View Full Version : MK ULTRA - FSE parts

Harold Shinn
June 24, 2002, 07:20

I saw in another thread that you had some FSE fal parts that you were not happy with. If you e-mail me at hshinn@mindspring.com with some details, I can either replace your bad parts, or give you a refund w/return of the parts to me.

Also, for the record, FSE fal h/t/s have never at any time been cast. They are fully machined from bar stock.

If you have a problem with my parts, let me try to help you. If you want a refund, let me know and I can arrange that as well. You can then use the proceeds for the upcoming DSA group buy. All you have to do is let me know.

Best regards,

Harold Shinn/FSE

Master Blaster
June 24, 2002, 11:34
This is why I use FSE products! With a commitment to customer satisfaction like Harold's plus this kind of service, "It's a no brainer". :D