View Full Version : new CAI inch reciever mag well

June 23, 2002, 23:57
is about .0010 undersize, very hard to get a mag in. How do I get it just a little bit wider?

June 24, 2002, 09:26

June 24, 2002, 15:53
I found it easier to measure mags and use the narrowest ones.
Some would not fit at all, some fit with just a little pressure. I have found as much as .015 difference in mag width.
Metrics fit great, mine won't feed with them, but some guys seem to have good luck with them.

I have no experience filing the mag well, maybe someone else does.

Good luck.

June 24, 2002, 23:50
What I did to mine is (I know before you say it "always grind the cheapest part first" But its only a century) using a cylinder shaped stone in my trusty Dremel ,lightly opened up both sides of the mag well just a little. Then cold blued the inside of the mag well. I then took a touch off the tab on the front of my inch mags. Check for mag fit before grinding the mags.
Depending on which mag I use it may still drag a little , but atleast I don't have to pound the mags in and out of the rifle. It works fine and feeds every time.
Thats what I did. It took about 15min. tops.