View Full Version : VHT Satin 1400 header paint

June 23, 2002, 20:39
Just used this to touch up the headers on my mustang and looked at my freshly blasted g1 and thought... hmmmmm....

Turned out really good. For best results...heat the parts up with a rose tip or something BEFORE you paint. The paint smokes and locks on hard to hot metal. Baking dried paint in an oven defeats the purpose of heat curing. Read the can and it says apply on HOT headers after driving.... it has lasted on a big block for 12 years with this being the first touch up. Should last on my G1 until I can afford a re-park job.....just FYI

June 24, 2002, 09:18
I've used this on several AR's over the past few years. One tip though, after the paint has been cured in an oven, let it set for about a week before any lubrication is applied to the surface.