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June 23, 2002, 18:12
I have a question regarding fired case dimension. I headspaced a G-1 and got the following results:
1. Will close with light pressure on the rat tail with go gauge.
2. Takes a lot of pressure (both thumbs on carrier) to close on no go gauge.
3. Will not close on field gauge at all.

I used a stoney point gauge to measure fired cases in comparison to go gauge and got these results: Forester go gauge measured 1.630, fired case measured 1.635. Is .005 case stretching O.K.? I haven't seen any signs of case head separtion. Whaddaya think?


Upside Down @ 100 MPH
June 23, 2002, 19:23
My FAL's do the same thing. Yes it is typical for them. The headspace obviously grows when the rifle is fired. I think it is because the receiver springs (letting the headspace open up)due to the open top design. The bottom/rear locking bolt adds to this problem. This also why I believe the FAL typically has a lot of vertical in it's groups and also why it is hard to extract a case when firing in the grenade mode. But others have their opinions too. Watch and see.