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June 23, 2002, 17:21
after 10 or 12 builds i have come up with a new and different problem:

using imbel gear logo recvr from sarco
building on grade 1 imbel kit
.266 ls came with rifle
useing forster go gauge
useing pin gauge .258, bolt without extractor will close with very light thumb pressure.
.260 pin gauge bolt will close with moderate pressure.
But using various locking shoulders form .256 to .258
i dont think you close the bolt with a hammer.
Now what? we ran out of diff. ls to try

Help please

June 23, 2002, 18:00
ARe you using the carrier with the bolt? The proper way is to use the bolt and carrier together in determining proper LS size. Just a thought.

WJ-Polish Guy
June 23, 2002, 20:18
Defective shoulders. By any chance you are using aftermarket ones? I send all mine back, cause of incorrect shoulder angle...

If you are using OEM different shoulders, I would inspect receiver to see if shoulder "leg`s" recess is machined correctly.

Polish Power out...

June 23, 2002, 20:21
Who's carrying the bad ones.
Just so we know..... :eek:

June 24, 2002, 10:33
using bolt in carrie with extractor removed.
tried 3 ls from g1 kits .256,.258,.258
locksup correct using .258 pin gauge
wont come close using .256 ls

June 24, 2002, 11:35
Re-check and double-check all your measurements.

If it were my receiver, I wouldn't keep banging locking shoulders in and out of it. Seems to me it is time to adjust the shoulder on the bolt.

June 25, 2002, 09:58
i'm mostly in agreement with gary, litely stone shoulder on bolt to see if you have a burr, high-low spot. also check pin gage with a micrometer to make sure size is correct.

June 25, 2002, 16:30
Originally posted by HD99FXR3
also check pin gage with a micrometer to make sure size is correct.

It is essential that you check your measurements with a micrometer before you do any stoning, filing or other modifications. Like you say, your results do not add up. Something is amiss, and it's probably something simple.

My general troubleshooting procedures for anything are to double check carefully all measurements to the point you have a high degree of confidence in them. Only then should you look elswhere. So, if you have a high degree of confidence that your .258 pin gauge is .258, and the locking shoulders are reading exactly correct, then you have basis for looking further. Dang, I'm acting like an A-hole know-it-all-again....and you sure have a wierd problem:rolleyes:

Good Luck!

June 25, 2002, 19:39
thanks guys
the person that the rifle belongs to
took it home monday.
I got an email today said the problem was resolved
by using a different bolt carrier, same bolt .258 ls
i haven't had a chance to talk with him about it.
i am curious as to what was wrong with the first carrier
thanks again bill

June 26, 2002, 03:17
I am interested in the results too. SOunds like the carrier had a burr or someother type of "wound" that made it go to FAL Heaven.