View Full Version : Baking Lacquer over Parkerizing?

June 22, 2002, 21:01
I finally got my L1A1 receiver from Century, and it has a parked finish. I'm considering using this receiver with a G1 kit I've refinished with Brownells Baking Lacquer, and I'm curious to know what kind of results to expect if I apply the baking lacquer over the parkerizing.

June 22, 2002, 22:22
It'll work fine...provided you do a good job degreasing the part(s).
Apply more than one coat too.

Bruce Allen
June 22, 2002, 22:24
From my understanding, that is the recommended best way to apply the bake on finish.
It is supposed to be nearly "bulletproof" that way.

June 23, 2002, 01:01
Thanks for the tips. I had a feeling that the parked surface would create a better bond with the lacquer, one way to find out I guess.

I was going to save this receiver for the L1A1 build I've planned, but instead since the price has dropped I'll probably put it on the G1 and then get another receiver for the L1A1. That gives me an excuse to build ANOTHER G1 that is a close replica of the original rifle. Like I need an excuse...;)

I'll post pics to show how it comes out.