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June 22, 2002, 16:25
what exactly is a G1 fal as apposed to an L1a1 or C1a1 etc.
metric or inch.

June 22, 2002, 16:51

June 22, 2002, 17:26
The G1 is the seminal Metric rifle. Prior to the that, nearly all sales by FN were of FAL-Canada models, and the shakeout of the Inch variant.

The Canadian C1 is the 'lead' rifle of the Inch variants in its own right. The subtle differences between the Inch rifles, the FAL-Canada (a hybrid), the T-48 (essentially the US version of the FAL-Canada) were readily distinguishable, but the G1 was the real departure from previous sales by FN.

The G1:
- closed gas-block/sight protector ears
- sightline lowered 3mm
- new selector
- new muzzle system (attachments vice the T-48/L1/C1 FH)
- minor internal differences, but so much so that the HST are not interchangeable
- new magazine catch
- different receiver cuts for the body cover (dust cover) that didn't envisage recoil problems as did the C1/L1
- C1 had the distinct and almost unique charger-slot bodycover

So, the G1 is essentially the granddaddy of all subsequent 'Metric' pattern rifles.

June 22, 2002, 17:29
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