View Full Version : New guy, bought an L1A1

June 22, 2002, 15:22
Hello all. I bought an L1A1 yesterday and pick it up on Monday. Don't have a lot of info on it right now. I will post specifics to see if I got a good deal on it after I have shot it. As long as it functions I got a decent deal for sure.

I have quite a few other guns and have shot all my life. My current passion is waterfowling, but I have always liked high power rifles.

Not totally new to the gun, I have shot them before. I shot South African Navy issue guns in the early 90's in South Africa and have wanted one since. I just have not gotten around to buying one. Looks like a good group on here, and I look forward to participation. If this gun is anything like the ones I shot in SA I will be on cloud nine!!!!!!

June 22, 2002, 16:15
Welcome! What MFG FAL did you buy? You should get a butt stock tool and gas nut wrench, so you can dissamble and clean your FAL. Good Shooting. RM

June 22, 2002, 20:56
Thanks for the welcome. It is a Century, not sure but I think it is an Imbel reciever. Got it with 6 mags and a cleaning kit.

Doesn't a bullet point take off the buttstock on these? For some reason I remember disassembling them in SA with nothing but a shell and the gas nut wrench, which was part of the cleaning rod. I do have some linked 7.62 dummy ammo left, so I can use that instead of live ammo if it works.

June 22, 2002, 21:47
Welcome aboard.

You will probably want to get the combo tool as suggested to disassemble. It runs $6.99 from Tapco, and is well worth the money. Those of us who had the recoil spring hit us in the forehead before we ordered it had to learn the hard way!