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December 25, 2017, 12:47
Anyone get in on the 6.8 ammo from PSA as of this post they still have some $7.99 a box.


December 25, 2017, 14:32
Thanx for the heads up. Santa said I was a very good boy and tapped that offer for another 1,000 rounds as 6.8 is seldom on sale.

December 25, 2017, 22:00
I saw it yesterday and spent a solid hour looking for parts and trying to convince myself I needed a 6.8SPC. Forty cents a round for bonded softpoint seemed stupid cheap. In the end I passed,......sticking with NATO loads.

December 25, 2017, 22:43
I saw it yesterday and spent a solid hour looking for parts and trying to convince myself I needed a 6.8SPC. Forty cents a round for bonded softpoint seemed stupid cheap. In the end I passed,......sticking with NATO loads.

Come over to the good side Kev, you will never go back. Now have 11 6.8's, two in build phase and more barrels in pile, more being shipped and shop them along with bolts, brass and projectiles almost daily. Have 2,000 115 grain Nosler Custom Competition Hollow Point Boat Tail Bullets*inbound.

6.8 is my favorite cartridge. It's a do all and does it well out to 400 yards. Past that I usually jump over 5.56 to 22 Nosler now. 5.56 is a general purpose cartridge that due to 40 years of using and collecting am stuck with them now. Had those two choices been common 30 years ago I wonder if would have very many 5.56 rifles and the huge stockpile of ammo for them.

December 27, 2017, 12:01
Was talking to Palmetto about my 6.8 ammo order as placed in two separate transactions and wanted to see if combining the two would save money. They asked why my buying profile dropped 80% and told them that adding sales tax in Georgia has made them the higher priced vendor on many items. Can buy 5.56 BCG's from CDNN cheaper and with no sales tax plus flat rate shippimg. Similar deals with Centerfire Systems plus lots of vendors have me set up as a dealer. Only thing purchased from them this year have been 6.8 BCG's and now some 6.8 ammo. Only barrels they keep are Wilson and never have 6.8 mags at deal or at all.

Am now a Palmetto non FFL dealer. Don't attempt unless have federal I.D. number, state sales & use tax number plus brick and mortar location with retail sales business license. Also need a fairly large buying history like dozens of barrels and BCG's in a year. Can order FFL items but ship to LGS and go through their books. Next AR 10 sale think I will jump on a couple of 7.62 NATO at their bagain price plus dealer discount as cannot build cheap as they sell. Let the ammo orders run as retail rather than try reversing and hoping by time paperwork approved was still on sale.

They purchased a piece of property in Georgia but have not built a store. Georgia law says they have to charge sales tax and 6% plus their shipping fees being a bit high and my buying profile went down over a couple grand per year. Rep said their overall Georgia sales have been hurt bad, spend lot of time explaining issue on phone and then customer not placing order. Same as me, can buy from a dozen other vendors cheaper when 6% added to all items.

December 27, 2017, 18:16
Yeah I only bought 400 rounds and shipping was $26., 200 rounds was around $17. shipping.


December 28, 2017, 10:45
Basically told them 2018 was going to be like 2017 with their shipping rates plus 6% tax and got easy to deal with since own a retail business. Same as Custom Chrome and Drag Specialties have done for me on motorcycle parts plus tower manufacturers and antenna builders for ham radio equipment. Of course sold over a dozen towers totally blinged out. Since few people stock the AR parts I do may convert my reception area to retail on non FFL parts.

December 28, 2017, 20:01
The shipping charge on this offer is very expensive. They charge $57.5 to Ohio on 1K rounds. If I were nearby I would just do local pickup. Maybe buy a truck load and pick up at their store!
I don't even have a 6.8 yet, but this is too good a deal to pass and may prompt me into 6.8! While I don't hunt and don't have a range over 100 yds, maybe I should just shoot my 308, 300BLK, 7.62x39 and wait for the 277 Wolverine, a 6.8 in cheap 5.56 brass with near 6.8 SPC performance!

Edit to add- Primary Arms has 6.8 mags on sale at $7.99. Good for 224 Valkyrie and 22 Nosler as well.

December 29, 2017, 16:54
Shipping for 300 rounds for me was $19.00 SC->NH. However, I added the 10 D&H 30rd + 10 Magpul 30rd/$140 AR mag deal and it only added $3.50 to the shipping. Of course, it's still "Processing".

January 04, 2018, 10:23
Closest 6.8 thread to top. Have opportunity to buy a TAC 6 aka 6mm/6.8 barrel and matching dies. Wildcat developed by owner of ARP which is simply a 6.8 case necked down to 6mm. Gets significant velocity gain over 6.8 and accuracy. Likes 6mm bullets from 75 grains to 108 grains. The longer heavies are for long range (supposidly 600 yard accurate/useable range) then the lighter pills 75 to 90 grain for hunting. Supposidly is great for anything from coyote to hogs with correct bullet choice, extends range of 6.8, is kinder on throat than 22 Nosler and 6mm is usually accurate in any cartridge configuration. Trying to decide if should give it a try while barrels and dies are available.

Size a 6.8 case in TAC 6 sizing die, trim case, drop powder and seat bullets then shoot stuff a long way off. Sounds like the cartridge been wanting. Been waiting for someone to use the 6.8 case for a 6mm for some time. Anyone tried this new combo yet or know anyone who has? Still have not screwed my 270 AR together yet (supposed to be most powerful cartidge in AR rifle) thus need another wildcat about as much as hole in head but it seems too tempting not to consider.